Dreaming of heavy burdens

What does it mean to dream of heavy burdens? How about dreaming about heavy burdens? Dreams of heavy burdens have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream that you are carrying a heavy burden on your shoulders indicates that you must work hard out of love and charity as you slowly grow in life. To dream of falling down because you are overwhelmed indicates that it will be difficult to have a surplus in your acquisition, but those who depend on your care, these surpluses are very necessary for them. To dream of someone carrying a heavy burden on their shoulders means that testing them makes you feel interesting. Dreaming of carrying your own water is actually an auspicious dream, representing your future will be better. Dreaming of a heavy burden you must carry hard means you will be treated unfairly and embarrassed. Dreaming of carrying a burden on the shoulder, this is the way of the heavy, see this everything is very lucky. But if you can get rid of those burdens in your dream, it symbolizes that you will step into the peak of success. If you dream of a dead man carrying a burden, you will break through a dangerous period and eventually your health will improve."