Dreaming of hissing and shushing

Dreaming of hissing and shushing what does it mean? Do you dream of hissing and shushing sounds? Dreams of hissing and shushing have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of someone who is making boo-boo noises foretells that you will have trouble containing your depression and disappointment due to the rude treatment of someone you have just met. If they're blowing boo-boos at you, you're in danger of losing friends. If the voice you hear in the dream is calm and pleasant, it means that your conflicts with others will be happily reconciled. If the sound is sharp and harsh, it means that the development of the career will be shrouded in disappointment and unfavorable shadow. To dream of a teacher naming his name indicates that news of the death of a distant friend may come, and may also add to your misery due to wrong information. To dream that the bell rings at the end of class means that in real life you beat your competitors beautifully. To dream of hearing the sound of crying indicates that you are about to get into serious trouble, but as long as you can stay alert and make good use of your opportunities, you will eventually be able to find aspects from which you can get out of trouble. Dreams of firecrackers are generally better things, other people's work or life changes, to you also brought a certain benefit or change, and sound-related dreams, almost always you hear something in reality, to your own cause a kind of psychological tips and emotional feelings, firecrackers represent war, conflict, verbal disputes, arguments, there is no way to get extinguished, there may be a dispute, so pay attention to the usual peace of mind and Reduce the possibility of unpleasant things happening."