Dreaming of huge rocks blocking the way

What does it mean to dream of huge rocks blocking the way? How about dreaming of a huge rock blocking the way? Dreams of huge rocks blocking the road have realistic implications and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. If you dream that huge rocks are blocking the way, you must pay attention to your health because this dream foretells that your health is going to decline. The main thing you should be wary of is digestive system diseases, like food poisoning, indigestion and dysentery. In fact, this is probably due to your bad eating habits, just pay more attention to it. The mountain rock is an imagery with double symbolism. The solid mountain rock is both an obstacle on the road and a pathway to a new life. If you dream of a mountain rock, if your mind is smooth, it means that the reality around you is solid and stable, and if you can be practical and aggressive, you can get a chance to settle down. To dream that you are surrounded by mountain rocks foretells that you may have a difficult or urgent situation. Dreaming of climbing a rock wall indicates that you are sexually adventurous and like to pursue excitement. Sometimes even with casual acquaintances of the opposite sex, also dare to play the ambiguous hot scenes, but to grasp the bottom line. To dream of standing on a huge rock foretells that you are trusted by others recently and are fit to participate in elections, which are likely to be well attended."