Dreaming of industry

What does dreaming of industry mean? How about dreaming of industry? Dreams of industry have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of starting a new industry, the power will fall away. Dream of losing confidence in industry, business will prosper. To dream that you are working in a factory is usually a sign of a good turnaround in your life or a new opportunity. To dream of a busy factory or workshop is a sign that you will be rewarded for your efforts and achieve success. If you dream that there is no movement in the factory, someone unfortunate will happen to your relatives. A dream in which there are only buildings in a factory and no mechanical equipment inside is a warning of a fire. Dreaming that there are many people in a factory is a vivid and lively atmosphere, which means that people around you will be very kind to you. Dreaming of walking in through the factory gate, it is auspicious that you will profit from the assistance of others, and those who receive salary will be promoted and transferred, and those who are unemployed can find a good career. On the contrary, the dream of walking out of the factory gate indicates an omen of unemployment, demotion and bankruptcy."