Dreaming of inventions

What does it mean to dream of inventions? How about dreaming of inventions? Dreams of inventions have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Valuable inventions are usually promoted and used by everyone, and people will remember what you invented, which represents a good reputation in dreams. To dream that you have invented a new product means that you are able to think of others and are praised by everyone because you have done one or two good things to help the needy. A scientist dreaming that he has a new invention will have success in his research project. Ordinary people dream of acquiring a certain new invention with great prestige. A farmer dreaming that he invents new farming tools will have a good crop. To dream of winning an award for your invention means getting a fortune. Psychology dream interpretation Dream interpretation: To dream of inventors and inventions indicates your creativity. Inventors are often people who understand better than concrete practice. You are able to grasp certain ideas and then think about the manipulability of such ideas. Psychoanalysis: To see inventors and inventions in your dream indicates that you have made contact with your personality from a psychological point of view. The personality here includes reasonable thinking and logical reasoning, while the clearing includes very introverted people. Spiritual symbols: inventors and inventions symbolize the responsible spirit of human beings, who are brave enough to develop and "invent" new ways of being."