Dreaming of killing someone with a gun

What does it mean to dream of killing someone with a gun? How about dreaming of killing someone with a gun? Dreaming of killing someone with a gun has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Married people dream of killing someone with a gun, indicating that the misunderstanding and loss of harmony for the relationship, unfavorable marriage is difficult to achieve. People who start a business dreaming of killing someone with a gun, represents first gain and then loss, it is advisable to guard and not to reinvest or expand. A pregnant person dreaming of killing someone with a gun foretells the birth of a girl, if it is a male child, it will not be kept. Interpretation of dream of killing someone with a gun To dream that you kill someone also means that you have too many enemies that can't be dissolved so easily. To dream of killing someone means an increase in hatred, more people will hate you and you need to review your words and actions. To dream of killing someone. If you dream that another person kills someone, the Lord will send something to you, which is very auspicious; if you see another person killing each other, the Lord will fight for money. The Interpretation of Dreams and Forests Dreams about killing people, usually seen in dreams of young men, may be related to images seen recently, and sometimes even the dreams seem particularly real. To dream that you kill a defenseless person means that your life will be full of sorrow; if you kill a defenseless person, it means that your position will rise to a higher level. To dream that you kill someone represents your subconscious mind you want to change your current life, you want to leave behind the old things, or maybe you are now overwhelmed by the pressure and want to remove the bondage and seek your own way. People preparing for exams dreaming of killing someone with a gun means that it is important to prepare before the test, and the luck of the test is not good. People who plan to go out dream of killing someone with a gun, it is recommended that the wind and rain will stop, be careful not to have an accident. Psychological advice for dreaming of killing someone with a gun A little trip alone is a way to catch a little luck. Are you feeling particularly frustrated with your feelings these days? Try to be "slow" in the world of relationships! Just because your partner doesn't respond to your needs right away doesn't mean he doesn't value you, after all, everyone has a different way of expressing their love and it doesn't help you to take the bull by the horns! Arrange a small trip for yourself, the best mountain hotel where you can soak in a hot spring, the warm water not only eliminates fatigue, but also soothes the soul! Dreams about killing people with guns [Dream 1]. Dream of killing and dividing a corpse: the dream is particularly profound a few seconds after waking up The scene is a very small space, the toilet and so on There was a split body lying on the ground, and the head was cut off. I was on my knees and I was in a panic, and I didn't know what to do with the body. [Dreamland 2 Dream of killing: a store, is a store selling women's things themselves like stockings. I don't know how to get into any conflict with the boss's wife, and there was no too much conflict she died, there were my classmates, before I also killed a similar person, and then I have been in hiding in the school home seems to be no place to hide, was caught, and was buried alive and buried with the people I killed, woke up when I was not dead! [Dreamland 3 dream of killing someone: I dreamed that I was going to work with my cousin to go to Korea, and then people said that we didn't have to go, let us repair the house, we used glue to stick the stones together and put them in various places, my cousin had been doing it seriously, and I was lazy, and I seemed to have fallen in love with a girl, and the old foreman came to check, my cousin made up lies for me, the old foreman didn't believe me and wanted to see my ID card, my cousin gave him the fake one again, which came over again A few people, all with knives, I was very scared, with a knife on the old foreman's neck to threaten them, the results they rushed over, we began a bloody fight, cousin has been rushing in front, and finally we killed those people, cousin was also killed, I feel sorry for cousin, very sad. [Dream 4]. Dream of being wrongly accused of murder: I was wrongly accused of murder, the police came to arrest me I followed myself when my father and cousin were on the road a police officer told me that he had seen the surveillance said that others had done tampering, and later at dinner I sent a message to a friend to let him save me, I guess it was nervous half a day to send out later woke up [Dream 5]. Dream of bison killing: At first I dreamed of wild ducks running around in the fields, and in the blink of an eye they turned into bison running again, being chased by the villagers, who wanted to kill them, hit the bison a few times, and instantly the bison broke out and turned into people howling and going crazy, killing three people in the fields, with blood flowing and screaming, scaring me so much that I covered my ears and ran. [Dreamland 6 dream to see the university to become a murderer: dream to see and classmates a please look at the admission notice, I took 417 points accidentally was admitted to Wuhan University College of Finance and Economics, just at this time a classmate received a news SMS, said found candidates 4106 a red dress girl named Wang Rui suspected of killing 14 people in a row murderer, now wanted nationwide. The problem is that the table I sat on the exam is 4106, my exam number is 4107, but there is no 4107 table I had to  sit at a 4106 table and a male. In reality I am not called Wang Rui is a male. I know a girl named Wang Rui "