Dreaming of lack

What does dreaming of lack mean? Is it good to dream about lack? Dreams of lack have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream that something is missing means that one will be rich. If you dream of water shortage, you will have your own pool and well, so you will have a lot of water. If you dream of a lack of food, you will have a lot of money to buy food and be able to choose a beneficial business or job. If you dream that you have no clothes to wear, you will be rich. Dreaming that a friend or other person is missing something and is extremely inconvenienced, and that you will soon be able to get these things yourself. Dreaming that the enemy lacks things needed at home, disaster will come. A businessman dreaming of a lack of goods will become a millionaire. The patient dreamed that he was cut off from his medicine and his body would recover soon. Zhou Yi dream interpretation Dreaming about lack of many things, you need to identify to see which are basic human needs, which are related to your self-actualization, and which lack actually distracts you from your real needs."