Dreaming of leaking rain at home

What does it mean to dream of leaking rain at home? Is it good to dream of rain leaking at home? Dreaming of leaking rain at home has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. People who are preparing for exams dream that their homes are leaking rain, which means wrong answers on the subject and unsatisfactory grades for non-admission. People who start a business dream that their home is leaking rain represents difficulty in finding. There are many obstacles, poor business operation, loss and no profit. Married people dreaming that their homes are leaking rain, indicating disagreement and strong personality. It is difficult to succeed. Interpretation of dreaming that the rain is leaking in the house Dreaming of home, career and business will take a turn for the better. People who plan to go out dream that their homes are leaking, it is recommended to postpone the trip for a few days. A pregnant person dreaming of a leaky house foretells the birth of a boy. In summer, a woman will be born. Be careful not to have a miscarriage. Psychological advice for dreaming of leaking rain at home Spend some time to cultivate the hobby of cultivating the mind, life energy is enhanced, but the efficiency of work, such as meditation, yoga, jogging, meditation, dance, etc., are very good activities; to have a special sense of things, so the partner in a relationship, it is very suitable to take the opportunity to develop "sexual interest" with the other half, body and soul can enjoy it. Dreams related to leaking rain at home [Dream 1]. dream of relatives coming to my house: dream of renting a house for the children to go to school near, relatives came, I went to meet, I led the way, they walked in the back, to home to find relatives did not follow, and returned to find, it turned out that relatives to our family to buy fruit and vegetables, vegetables are too much too heavy, fell in the water to hold ...... [Dreamland 2 I dreamed that my family had an accident: I was riding my bike that day with my grandmother and my brother. After riding for a while, I found out that we were about one meter away from the ground, so I asked my grandmother and brother to get off and jump off the ground. I jumped off the ground first, and my grandmother, who was very old, jumped off the ground very easily. But when we looked, we saw that my brother was on top of the third window of the house where we stopped. Then I told him to climb down slowly, but his feet could not reach the protruding stone. I told him to try a little to the right, and he accidentally fell down. My grandmother and I rushed over and I saw that my brother's head was bleeding, but his mouth kept smiling, and I immediately picked him up and went out to find a cab to the hospital. I kept crying and thinking about how to tell the cab driver that he couldn't go to a small hospital and that he had to go to a big hospital. But there was no car passing by at the intersection. I looked at my brother and he kept smiling. Then I woke up. [Dreamland 3 I dreamt of moving: at first I dreamt of going to a place, then I went to buy food, I came back after buying food, but not back to my house, and I was not sure what place it was, the process has been accompanied by familiar people, then I ate in a place, a group of people, others could not remember, I was impressed with a common friend, eating and it was raining, everyone was busy putting the food into the house, the meal was eaten outside. Then I went to move the refrigerator, the process of moving needs to be moved from a relatively low place to a high place, I held the refrigerator climbed a few sections of similar stairs, and then my wife and the wife of that friend helped me to move the refrigerator. [Dream 4]. I dreamed that I met the four daughters of the three uncles and the youngest: I dreamed that my husband's elder sister invited to dinner, met the four daughters of the three uncles and the youngest on the roadside of the hotel, we met a good surprise, and very enthusiastic. Also chatted about their respective situations, but also ate a meal together. One will be the husband big brother-in-law drunk again, and at work to help him take time off. A little messy. [Dream 5]. I dreamed that people came to my house to take a shit: Last night I dreamed that my friends came to my house to play, there were women and men, but I can't remember who they were, but I remember there was a man who said he wanted to take a shit, so I took him to take a shit in my house, but the man said it was hard to flush it away after it was done, and then I went to help flush it away. [Dreamland 6 I dreamed that my boyfriend brought his family to my house: my boyfriend's friend suddenly disappeared and point for a long time. Often dreamed of him, today dream suddenly contacted him, we met his father in the hotel lobby with his friends, and then came together to my home for dinner, I was afraid that he left me again, I do not blame him a word. He used my family's cell phone to make a call to his friend. Later, he disappeared again. I don't have any contact information for him. I remembered the number, but I couldn't call it. Then I woke up and felt sorry. And immediately continued to dream, and then just followed the dream. Surprisingly, my classmate said he knew him and said his name was not Ding something, surnamed Chen. Said it was his ... sister-in-law. I desperately trying to please my classmate hope he can help me find him, ...... finally woke up? "