Dreaming of light

What does dreaming of light mean? Is it good to dream of light? Dreams of light have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming that your home is lit up is a success, no matter what you do. Dreaming that someone's house is as bright as day, to celebrate the holiday. Dream that your home is bright and your child is getting married. A girl who dreams that her father's house has lights will marry a handsome young man. A student dreamed that there was light in his father's house and he was going to catch a temple fair. A businessman dreaming that the lights in his house are dimmed will have a bad business or make less profit. Psychology dream interpretation Dream Interpretation: To see a bright light in your dream indicates that you need guidance from the outside in your life. Psychoanalysis: You have a strong understanding and know that this is its own strength. Spiritual symbolism: on this level, the bright light in your dream indicates your spiritual enlightenment."