Dreaming of losing my keys

What does it mean to dream of losing your keys? Is it good to dream that you lost your keys? Dreaming of losing keys has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. A pregnant person dreaming of losing the key, foretells the birth of a daughter, avoid moving the earth to move the fetus. People who start a business dreaming of losing the key, represents the summer accounted for the wealth and fame, such as the smooth. Spring is unfavorable. People who are talking about marriage dream that they lose their keys, indicating that if both parents can agree, the marriage will be successful. Interpretation of dream about lost keys To dream of a set of keys suggests that the dreamer may be faced with new circumstances and opportunities and will make every effort to do so. To dream of keys indicates that the dreamer's new feelings and theories will give new insight into what was formerly, historically, available to everyone. To dream of a key is a sign that the dreamer has some new ideas and can quickly lead the way to success and solve some things that could not be solved before. Dreaming that you can't get out of the toilet due to a damaged key, your luck in behavior decreases. Your reckless behavior is likely to increase the trouble of your friends. You must think twice before you act. Dreaming that you left your keys in the keyhole and forgot to pull them out is a hint that you will have a new lover who will be very tender and considerate and obedient to you, allowing you to completely immerse yourself in a happy new relationship. To dream of losing your keys is a sign that the dreamer is experiencing obstacles that are difficult to surpass. What you need is some skill, not brute force, and don't give up easily. People who are preparing for exams dreaming of losing their keys means that they are near the edge of acceptance despite their poor performance. People who plan to go out dream of losing their keys, it is recommended that the wind is strong do not go out, postpone the trip. Psychological advice for dreaming of losing keys Excess curiosity and creative behavior have the risk of scalding. This can easily lead to errors in judgment. You don't need to ask for any changes in these two days, just do what you normally do and get it done. There's no need to pursue any quick fixes at work, so make sure you're careful. But with colleagues is quite good, together with a lunch, drink a tea, these two days is this kind of bland and leisurely atmosphere. Dreams related to lost keys [Dream 1]. I dreamed that my husband was holding my son and wanted to leave, then I said if you leave I will die for you to see, then he did not go, then a series of keys with a total of three fell to the ground, then one of them broke, then I bent down and picked them all up, then a while later I dreamed that three Japanese soldiers molested me. [Dreamland 2 I dreamed that I found a key: I dreamed that I went into a flat with a girlfriend, simply a key package, which had a key labeled several floors and several numbers, but did not see it, so I kept going upstairs to look for it, did not find it downstairs but saw that the lost key was burgled, and the key package in my hand was still loose, so I hid it and quickly assembled it, wiped my handprint, and finally woke up in a hurry. [Dreamland 3 I dreamed that I lost my ex-girlfriend and keys: I dreamed that I went out with my friend who used to struggle together, I can't remember what place I went to, but I had to change my clothes, and when I came back, my pants were locked in the locker in that place, and the key to my own door was also in the locker, so I went to my good friend's house, and his girlfriend was also there, and his girlfriend said that I should send my ex-girlfriend to help me open the door, and then my ex-girlfriend came and talked for a long time at my friend's house We four, then the ex-girlfriend to help me open the door to go, this time the dream woke up [Dream 4]. I dreamed that someone stole my house keys: I dreamed that at first several people entered my house to say congratulations, and then the leader stole my house keys, and then at that time, my parents and I did not seem to be in their own house, and then once with a few friends back to their own house found that the leader is leading a few people to pry the door, and then I did not recognize them, so they did not pry open the door and go away [Dream 5]. I dreamed that my keys were stolen from under my nose: I dreamed that my keys were stolen from under my nose, from a young couple I knew who were selling clothes, and the woman knew the man with the half-bald head. And also looked at the ID card, and other photos. [Dreamland 6 Dream of picking tea to steal peaches to steal peaches home key broken: dream of picking tea on the tea mountain, picking to the top of the mountain, there are many peach trees on the opposite side of the mountain, the trees are full of ripe peaches. Wanted to pick, because there are also tea picking women in the did not go. When I returned home, there was a steaming pot of porridge cooking in the house, and the person who cooked the porridge was my grandfather who had been gone for a long time. When I went to the lathe factory next door, the workers tried to fix my key with a tool but it was broken. I went home and looked through the drawer to find the iron piece, but the worker took the socks in the drawer and said he would give them to his son to wear. "