Dreaming of making money

What does dreaming of making money mean? Do you dream of making money? Dreams of making money have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreams of making money often suggest losing money or breaking the bank. To dream that you have earned money suggests that the dreamer is trying to make money in the near future. It also reflects that the economic situation may not be as satisfactory now, some pressure. But having this dream also indicates that you are about to find a way out. To dream that someone else is making money means that the dreamer is making up his mind and putting pressure on himself to work hard to make money. A businessman dreaming of making money foretells that the business will finally enter a profitable stage. Perhaps the business is still a bit unsatisfactory now, but it will soon gain a good profit. A sales or business person dreaming of making money foretells that there will be achievements at work, remarkable sales results and will be valued by the leadership."