Dreaming of melting

What does dreaming of melting mean? Is it good to dream of melting? Dreams of melting have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of ice melting is a sign that the event that has caused you so much trouble will achieve a stunning reversal, so that you will soon enjoy the rewards and pleasures this brings you. To dream that the ground suddenly thaws after a long period of freezing indicates that you are close to prosperity. Dreaming of ice and snow on the earth starting to melt foretells that hardship will end and a new life will be ushered in. The patient dreamed that the ice and snow earth began to melt foretold that the disease will soon be far away, but it is still necessary to maintain a good state of mind and occasional physical exercise. Students dreaming of the earth melting with snow and ice foretells that they will achieve something in their studies, but they should not be proud of it, they should refine themselves with a normal mind and study hard. Worker dreaming of snow melting foretells that there will be a dispute with others and some trouble with right and wrong, suggesting that recently offended the villain, should be careful! Dreaming that the icy earth begins to melt foretells that your heart is filled with softness again and tenderness begins to renew your life. A farmer dreaming of melting ice and snow on earth foretells that crops will grow well and there will be a bumper crop, but one must not forget farm work. The businessman dreamed of melting ice and snow so the money will be lost, need to protect carefully not to spend freely."