Dreaming of mortgage

What does dreaming of mortgage mean? How about dreaming about mortgage? Dreams of mortgages have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of mortgaging your property indicates that your financial situation will change drastically, which will put you in an awkward situation. To dream that you are picking up or keeping a mortgage note of someone else is a sign that you will have enough property to pay off all your debts. To dream that you are looking at or examining the specifics of a mortgage bill indicates that you are likely to reap love and are likely to be successful. If you dream of losing a mortgage note and never getting it back, it suggests failure and apprehension. To dream of going to a pawnshop is a sign that you will have to make a sacrifice or compromise by giving up a standard of value that you recognize as important to achieve a certain goal. Dreaming that you walk into a pawn store and wake up to a real life loss of some sort that you will find disappointing. To dream of pawning the same thing at a pawn store foretells unhappiness between you and your wife or lover, or a disappointing business matter. A woman dreaming of going to a pawnshop foretells that she will feel guilty for her misbehavior and possibly regret the loss of a friend. To dream of redeeming the same thing at a pawnshop is a sign that your position will be lost and regained. To dream of a pawnshop indicates that you are negligent in fulfilling your responsibilities and that an obscene incident will most likely cause you to sacrifice your good name."