Dreaming of my back cut by a knife

What does it mean to dream of my back cut by a knife? How about dreaming that you see your back being cut by a knife? The dream of the back cut by a knife has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Explanation of dreaming of being cut at the back with a knife Dreaming of a knife is an ominous sign that you will face difficulties. A woman dreaming of a knife indicates her quest for male wrist strength and physical prowess. To dream that you are cut by a knife means that you can defeat your enemy. A pregnant person dreaming of having her back cut with a knife foretells the birth of a male, and a female in the summer months, preventing the birth of a child. The dream of a married person who sees his back being cut by a knife indicates that there is a triangular relationship, and he must choose one of them, and the marriage will be completed. A person who starts a business dreaming that his back is cut by a knife represents a good profit at first, but then slowly changes his mind and loses money. People who are preparing for exams dream that their back is cut by a knife, it means that they can't get what they want, the first exam is not good, and they can be admitted in the second exam. People who plan to go out dream that their backs are cut by a knife, it is suggested that the obstacle is big, so postpone the trip. Psychological advice for dreaming of a knife to the back The right time requires you to show the possibility of some clinical performance. Often a small gesture has a wonderful effect. For example, in serious occasions or topics, it is best to prepare a few jokes in advance to intersperse them, but also to lift the drowsy state of mind of the group. But in love, the performance will be shifted from the original love of the heart to the tendency of physical love, remember to ask the other party's will beforehand no matter what. Dreams related to seeing a knife slashed in the back [Dream 1]. Dreaming of a magician knife cutting open my stomach: Hello! I just had a dream that I offended a magician and after he warned me, I was lying in bed and saw a wallpaper knife thrust through my back fat waist and out of my stomach, cutting a small 3cm gash in my upper stomach. I woke up after rushing to the hospital! [Dreamland 2 dream of a fight cut by a knife: dream of a dead friend, he asked me to drive to pick him up, I parked the motorcycle in an alley first ready to drive, who knew that in the process of parking the motorcycle accidentally knocked down their motorcycle ...... they came out to take a look and called people to fight me, in the course of the fight I was cut by a knife [Dreamland 3 I dreamt that someone stabbed me with a knife: I dreamt earlier that my boyfriend stabbed me in the knee and shoulder to avenge someone else's death. Two stabbings in a row (the person is adopted me very much love me but I do not love him but not in real life.) The latter turned out to be my mother stabbing me with a knife. What's going on here. [Dream 4]. I dreamed of being robbed and then confronted with a knife: I went out with my girlfriend and met a girl who grabbed my bag and failed to do so, I argued with her and beat her up, there was a lively fight, I had a verbal argument with him again and beat him up, soon after he brought a knife to my house to take revenge, my brother and I also confronted him with a knife and woke up scared! [Dream 5]. Dream of being killed by a thief a few knives: on the toilet yet, the thief killed a few knives, neck, wrist, stomach, all bleeding, I caught the thief, shouted for help, did not shout to people, then my son helped me to catch the thief, pressed the arm to the thief broke, and the next person also helped to skin the thief, I also let them give the thief to the Public Security Bureau, do not own the thief to death. [Dreamland 6 I dreamed that my brother told me that my ex-boyfriend was hacked to death with a knife: I dreamed that my ex-boyfriend said he wanted to find the person who owed him money to pay him back, he drove the car and then I got off first to buy something to eat, he drove the car as if he wanted to hit the person who owed him money, just as the person who owed him money was having a midnight snack! Because to find him to pay back the money! Later, before I finished buying, my brother and I said my ex-boyfriend was cut open by a knife and died! "