Dreaming of my cousin dead

What does dreaming of my cousin dead mean? How about dreaming that my cousin died? Dreaming that my cousin died has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the dreamer's subjective imagination. The dream of a married person who sees his cousin dead indicates that a noisy marriage will not work. People who start a business dreaming that their cousin is dead, represents a twist and a loss, deal with it personally and start over. A pregnant person dreaming of her cousin's death foretells the birth of a daughter, and she should be more careful with her diet. People who plan to go out dreamed that their cousin died, suggesting that if the wind is strong, they should go out less and postpone the trip. People who are preparing for exams dreaming that their cousin died means that they cannot concentrate on the exam and have little chance of admission. Psychological advice for dreaming that your cousin is dead It is suitable to spend these two days in a sensual mood. Go to watch artwork or watch a sentimental movie, can bring you good inspiration oh. And there are elements of luck hidden around you, these two days as long as you control yourself not to be too facetious, do not know things without shame to ask will certainly have good harvest. But in love these two days you have a concern for the other party's reaction and the loss of self-assertion tendency oh. Dreams related to seeing my cousin dead [Dream 1]. I dreamed that my husband died in a car accident: I dreamed that I was working and my son suddenly came to me, stammering. Dad. Dad. I have been afraid to say, I was anxious, did not dare to think in the direction of death, anxious, but my son just did not dare to say, but I want to guide me first to say death, my son said no words I will be at ease, but my son nodded, I intuition is finished, the sky stepped, can not believe the fact, and then woke up. [Dreamland 2 Dreaming of being dead and coming back to life: Dreaming of playing with my boyfriend. Accidentally the object killed me. Later my soul could communicate with him. Living with him, a woman saw me and wanted to bar my soul abolished. I was protected by my image. I said to the image can revive me. He then lit candles for me when I went outside. I met all the people who had died. We all finished greeting one by one, and I was resurrected. [Dreamland 3 dreamed that my uncle died: dreamed that my uncle died, my brother and I and my aunt and uncle's second daughter went to see my uncle's ah children bought paper clothes and a lot of paper things can not remember, the three of us also went to buy my brother gave 50 cents to buy six paper clothes, we each took two pieces back [Dream 4]. I dreamed that my grandfather was dead and alive: my grandfather was wearing white clothes with fire paper on his head, and the mage was doing the spirit. Just now I walked into the hearth and my grandfather came after me with fire paper on his head and two hands like a zombie. What is the omen? [Dream 5]. dream that my husband was killed: dream that I was not married ~ was preparing to get married ~ pregnant to see my ex-boyfriend also did not speak but ~ holding my husband's hand in front of him walked ~ a little show sweet feeling ~ want to tell my husband that it was an ex-boyfriend ~ thought better of it ~ then went to the bathhouse to find out after the clothes forgot that ~ go to get ~ that people are very messy ~ he went in I was waiting outside ~ suddenly saw several people in the fight a man ~ I was afraid it was him, so I went over to see if it was really him... but there was no blood... and I ended up crying while calling him. [Dreamland 6 dream of my father-in-law died only bones: my father-in-law killed himself, can not see the whole body, only bones, but also missing a piece, I was grief-stricken, blame the life before the grudge is not over. My husband's brother is calm, as if to support the suicide of my father-in-law, my mother-in-law took the initiative not good enough to say that my father-in-law dream to let it live with us a family, the words just finished, my mother-in-law sleeping in my home where they used to sleep in bed "