Dreaming of my ex-girlfriend dead

Dreaming of my ex-girlfriend dead what does it mean? Do you dream that your ex-girlfriend died? Dreaming that your ex-girlfriend died has realistic implications and reactions, as well as the dreamer's subjective imagination. Married people dreamed of their ex-girlfriend die, indicating that the anti-fighting, relationship breakdown is difficult to achieve. People who start a business dreaming that their ex-girlfriend died, represents unfavorable financial luck, not big investment, it is advisable to guard, and wait for the time to come. A pregnant person dreaming of the death of his ex-girlfriend foretells the birth of a male, be careful not to move the fetus. Interpretation of dreaming that my ex-girlfriend died The dream of the girl you once loved is a dream caused by the dreamer's deep-seated desire for her, indicating that the dreamer's heart still has a good desire for her and her to develop a kind of compensation mentality, does not mean that you will still be in love with her, but once the clear years are very much to keep you, the heart of the unfinished wish to go back to meet a little. People who are preparing for exams dream that their ex-girlfriend died, it means that there are many obstacles, be persistent and finally get the exam. People who plan to go out dreamed that their ex-girlfriend died, suggesting that it is advisable to be careful next to the fire and water and postpone going out. Psychological advice for dreaming that your ex-girlfriend is dead You are a bit sulky these two days. Although you are low-key on the surface, you actually have a lot of inner activities and want to show yourself in front of certain characters! In addition, a partner you may have to face the situation of separation, but the distance can be made up in other ways. You use your own unique gentle romance to way to resolve this test! Dreams about the death of an ex-girlfriend [Dream 1]. I dreamt of my ex-girlfriend: my ex-girlfriend was warming up in my house, he cursed my mother, I hit her, suddenly she left and stole something, I ran after her, a man on a bike with her, she wanted to kill me, I used a wire against her heart, I wanted to kill him did not go down hand, then she found someone to kill me, shot me with a crossbow, I ran with three arrows in my back, then woke up [Dreamland 2 dream to see the ex-girlfriend: then find can she, nothing to say began to undress expression is very strange and tease me later did not hold back just ready to have sex woke up and then sleep dream to our school meeting, but the heart always feel that he has not gone, and then really see him, I chased him on the run, and then came a group of people do not know what to do also came, and then woke up [Dreamland 3 I dreamed that my boyfriend left with his ex-girlfriend: I dreamed that my boyfriend was hungry and wanted to go to dinner, then we both went out to dinner. Saw his friend with his ex-girlfriend and he had to find his ex-girlfriend. I wouldn't let him. He also wanted to go I beat his ex-girlfriend, he stopped and ended up leaving with me, after I left his ex-girlfriend came back to him, he still wanted to go. I beat up his ex-girlfriend again. Then we were left with their cell phone contact, I dropped his phone then I let him go, he never came back [Dream 4]. Dreaming of my ex-girlfriend: I have been separated from my girlfriend for two years, seriously, love her very much, as if she is a part of my life, can not leave her, often dreamed that she has returned to me, now I feel that it is impossible, but more than two years of dreams back and forth, anyway, the scene is not the same, the meaning is the same, she is back. [Dream 5]. Dream and ex-girlfriend reconciliation: due to their own fault and ex-girlfriend separation, after the separation has been trying to get back ex-girlfriend, dreamed of leading the ex-girlfriend to the former high school, suddenly after a few years I asked my girlfriend to forgive me, she forgave and stay with me. I've dreamed of my ex-girlfriend coming back to me three times recently, and each time I came back to a different scene! [Dreamland 6 I dreamt of my ex-girlfriend: I dreamt of my girlfriend who had broken up with me, and I was slow to forget her, and last night I dreamt of her, and she said it was impossible, and she slept with someone else, and then kind of got raped, and the guy who raped her knew her. Then said they were getting married. She told me she probably won't have a good life. "