Dreaming of my mother save a life

Dreaming of my mother save a life what does it mean? Do you dream that your mother saves someone's life? There are realistic influences and reactions to dreaming that your mother saved someone's life, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of one, the implication of a new beginning. New beginnings may be obtained at work and in love. Problems that have been bothering you may also be solved, a good dream. I dreamed that my enemy was rescued and I would be brutally tortured. People who plan to go out dream that their mother saves a life, it is recommended to stop in case of water, postpone the trip again. People who start a business dream that their mother saves a person's life, represents all smooth, careful to prevent the villain to make Chong, treachery. People who are talking about marriage dream that their mother saves a person's life, indicating that the timing of the proposal will be fruitful, marriage can be achieved. Psychological advice for dreaming that your mother saves a person's life In these two days, you will have some exaggerated actions, and make people around you baffled! Even you don't know what's going on! The more popular the occasion, the easier it is for you to be stimulated by this tendency, find a few friends to help you "escort"! In terms of romance, in addition, communication with the opposite sex will be smoother, and the ambiguous atmosphere is becoming thicker. Dreams related to seeing mother saving a life [Dream 1]. I dreamed that someone asked my mother for a piece of land to do Yin: I dreamed that I went to a piece of land in my mother's house where people had been buried before, but I didn't see a grave in the dream, and suddenly a man came and said he wanted to find this piece of land to do Yin with my mother, and he pointed out to me that there was a stone in that Yin, and how the lines of that stone were good, and I'm a pregnant woman now, so what the hell does it mean! [Dreamland 2 I dreamed that my husband was in love with a fat woman: I dreamed that I saw several women who liked my husband and my husband was with them, when I found out I scolded my husband and forced him to leave me and my family, finally he left very reluctantly and finally led a fat tall woman to appear in front of me, after they jumped down from a very high step, my husband stepped on the ground again and let the fat woman stand on his back to climb up That high step [Dreamland 3 I dreamed that I took a white goat to herd: I dreamed that I took a white goat to herd, and two other people, like me, also took a white goat, and those two people began to crowd me, not allowing me to herd the goat there, I took my goat to another open space, and said a few words to them, but did not take it to heart [Dream 4]. dream of a place with animals also with dangerous scares: and a friend sitting in a similar sightseeing car with no glass shade, we drove ourselves, and then head-on came a lot of large snakes, body and head are very large, open wide mouth looking at us, but they did not bite us, we car past them also from the middle of the road gradually scattered to the sides, like this back and forth repeatedly appear and scattered. [Dream 5]. I dreamed that I killed someone with my relatives: I dreamed that I killed someone with my relatives and brutally beat a person I couldn't remember alive, then the police came to the house, we put the dead person inside a big cabinet, the police left, then my husband and I went to the elevator to the 16th floor, entered the elevator around the edge are poop, and said these poop people have no quality, then my husband pulled the stinking dead person In the pickup truck with a broken quilt covered in a very bad mountain road, met a woman riding a motorcycle, the woman said her motorcycle is broken, asked me if there is a dime, I gave her a handful of a dollar 50 cents 10 cents coins, the woman only took two dimes, the back can not remember [Dreamland 6 I dreamed that I was playing with a girl I didn't know: I dreamed that I was swimming with some brothers in a lake in the mountains and that one of my brothers jumped into the lake game especially fast and disappeared in a flash Also dreamed that I was with a girl I didn't know in reality but I knew in the dream She said she would take me for a snack! And then trekked together to go and then a small dog saw and chased us barking we ran away "