Dreaming of my son as a child

Dreaming of my son as a child what does it mean? How about dreaming of your son as a child? Dreaming of your son as a child has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the dreamer's subjective imagination. Married people dream of their son as a child, indicating passionate and spirited, beware of villainous sabotage. People who start their own business dream of their son as a child, representing the phenomenon of changing careers, it is advisable to be more careful, otherwise the loss is greater. People who are preparing for exams dream that they see their son as a child, it means that they are close to the admission result and there is hope with a little effort. Interpretation of dreams about my son as a child Dreaming about your son usually indicates concern for your child. A pregnant person dreaming of her son as a child foretells the birth of a daughter. Be careful not to move the fetus, and go to the West less often. People who plan to go out dream of their son as a child, it is recommended to go out again after some days. Psychological advice for dreaming of your son as a child It seems difficult to reach a consensus in a conversation that requires communication with others. I feel like no one wants to support you when you are singing a one-man show, and my innovative ideas and fun proposals don't seem to resonate with me. It's bad that you can't talk back to your elders, but it won't end well if you talk back. Dreams related to seeing my son as a child [Dream 1]. dreamed that my son was injured and bleeding: dreamed that my son was playing suddenly a madman appeared son was afraid to turn and run accidentally hit a stone throat injury bleeding, my son fainted, I felt holding him has been running to the hospital, the road to ask for help sister no one to help, ran to a river found themselves anemic can not cross a million anxious, when my ex-husband appeared to carry the child over my own slowly over [Dreamland 2 I dreamed that my son was riding a camel on someone else's shoulder: I dreamed that my child was riding a camel in the desert, and then I saw that my child was a bit scared to ride it, and was lying on his back next to the camel, and then came down! Then I dreamed that I was riding on someone else's shoulders when I went to serve food at dinner, and that person taught me to clamp my feet together? Then I woke up! [Dreamland 3 dream of my son's injury: I and my old man took my son to play and came across playing a little fun and carousel similar game other children are playing very happy we also look at the side suddenly a child and a time did not sit to play down and said to sit in later to the time I put my son up to play but do not let but I let my son sit down in the middle of the child also sat up I just want to go up on the turn up did not turn two times I stopped but no one was on top but at the bottom I saw my son and another child my son in the middle and the other one outside we were scared to get the child out after I found my son always crying I held my son to check and found that my son had a hole in the back of the skin were inside see the hole out of the blood but the blood did not flow to the outside the other child was fine and personally told me that I would be fine as a result the boss took out More than one hundred and fifty dollars to compensate for the husband said to take to the injection said it does not matter to do this I woke up in shock [Dream 4]. Dreaming of multiple sons: In my dream, I knew I had my period last month, but somehow I gave birth to a son when I went to the bathroom, and I gave birth to my son by myself, and it felt like I pooped and pulled my son out, with no pain at all, and the child called me mom and looked good. Then I picked up the baby and went to the hospital by myself, and went to the hospital next to 2 beds where 2 newborn children were lying in a sling, and their mother was sleeping next to them. Then a nurse asked me if I had cut the umbilical cord for my child, saying that it was not good for the child to play the umbilical cord, I said no, and then the nurse helped my child to play the umbilical cord. Then somehow I went back to the toilet scene and gave birth again, and it was the same as the first time I pooped so that my son was pulled out, and then I helped my son cut the umbilical cord. Note: I am a girl who is not married. [Dream 5]. Dream of helping others find their sons: Dream of a colleague's son lost, he was very sad, looking around, I saw him sad also help him find, then I suddenly remembered that children can not run too far, is not playing when hiding where, in a small storage room found the little boy to his father [Dreamland 6 Dream of my son: dream and my son's husband seemed to be in the water across the river as if there are fish indeed there are few want to catch but can not catch the same walking in front seems to be icy son do not know where to go I was so worried and afraid of the look of fear in the heart to find the son feel as if deliberately hiding there "