Dreaming of my wife cloaked in hair

What does dreaming of my wife cloaked in hair mean? Is it good to dream of your wife with her hair down? Dreaming of your wife with her hair down has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. The head in a dream usually symbolizes authority and social position, and is associated with dignity, trouble, wisdom and other aspects of meaning. To dream of a cloak and dagger indicates that one is easily trapped by a villain. People who plan to go out dream that their wives are wearing hair, it is recommended to go out smoothly and stop when you meet the wind. People who start a business dreaming that their wives are cloaked in hair, representing the profitability of the ups and downs and many obstacles slow progress, careful to prevent lawsuits. Married people dreaming of their wives with hair on their heads, indicating that after a torment, mutual understanding can be achieved, otherwise they cannot get together. Dreams related to seeing your wife with her hair down [Dream 1]. I dreamed of cutting three heads: I dreamed of cutting three heads, no blood, three people were sitting and waiting for me to cut, they seemed to be very happy, took a not too fast fruit knife, when cutting is still very hard, dreaming can feel, there is no fight, after cutting nothing happened, the side of the people are very normal. [Dreamland 2 I dreamt that the cat's head fell off: I went shopping and was given a cat to keep at home, then I went shopping and got into a fight with two little girls, and dreamt that a loved one had died, and I thought about losing my love, and suddenly I felt very stressed, and I cried a lot. The cat put the head in a bag and asked me to throw it away, he was also very scared [Dreamland 3 Dreaming of someone hitting himself with a stone: Dreaming of a stranger hitting himself with a stone, the stranger stood between the ridge and picked up the stone and hit himself, he stood above, also between the ridge, then he ran upwards to avoid the stone, the stranger also chased after him, while chasing and hitting him with a stone, on the way to run ah, hide ah [Dream 4]. I dreamed that a big bird's head appeared in the sky: I dreamed that there was a sun in the sky, and I took pictures with my cell phone. A big bird's head appeared in the sky. The mother who spewed fire on the ground. It didn't burn. I pulled my mom to run. Dad was drinking. He chased Mom. I begged my mom to come home with me. Mom and I walked home. My dad was bleeding from the head and he was chasing me and mom. I woke up scared. It was after 10:00 pm. Please explain [Dream 5]. Dirty, messy, longer and less hair: dirty hair is the scalp that cannot be removed by hand on the head. Messy, the hair is stuck together (like chopsticks, one by one). Longer, (twice as long as usual). Became less. Uh, in the dream is being told out, only to find out for themselves ...... then feel like they see their own head, see hands on it to do these ......... [Dreamland 6 I dreamed that my body and head were separated: my boyfriend dreamed that on the stairs of his house (a small rural yard with stairs that go up to the roof), there was a man whose body and head were separated, his body was bolted to the stairs, there was no blood, and after my father came out of the house and saw it, he looked at it and went out of the house without saying anything. The person was a stranger, the memory is very vague, do not know who it was. I did not wake up after the dream and slept until dawn, waking up naturally. The master interpreted the dream and said The dream is unlucky, pay attention to travel safety. I want to know how to break it, or what is particularly important to pay attention to, can the master guide me? How long do I need to pay attention? Can you explain the details? Please master, please solve. Thank you! "