Dreaming of my wife taking off her pants on the train

Dreaming of my wife taking off her pants on the train what does it mean? How about dreaming that my wife takes off her pants on the train? Dreaming of your wife taking off her pants on the train has realistic implications and reactions, as well as the dreamer's subjective imagination. Often dream of fire, or dream of dealing with fire, working by the fire, in the fire, thirst and throat agitation, etc., may indicate that you want to suffer from high blood pressure and other diseases, it is best to go to the hospital in time for examination. To dream of a train indicates a wish for a dream to come true. To dream of a train indicates a wish in your heart that your plans will come true soon. To dream of a train that has a regular schedule and is moving on a track usually symbolizes a plan that is going well or is being carried out according to schedule. Dreaming of sitting on a fancy train - Friendship luck is down. Because your sense of competition is so strong, you make others respect you. This is especially evident after exams, and there is a real need for introspection. If the train in your dream is walking smoothly, it means your life will be smooth, while if the train is climbing a hill, it means your health is on red, possibly a heart problem. And if the train is passing through a cave, it indicates that your heart is hurting, possibly a trauma caused by a failed relationship. And if the dream is a train rushing past you, or hear the sound of a train, it means you have a long trip soon. People who plan to go out dream of their wives taking off their pants on the train, it is recommended to stop in case of rain and postpone the departure. Married people dreamed of their wives taking off their pants on the train, indicating disagreement, rigidity, marriage is difficult. Psychological advice for dreaming that your wife takes off her pants on the train The lazy style begins to arrive! Work/school becomes less important in your mind yet, these two days are coming, you also let yourself slack off in advance, chatting and munching on snacks during work/school hours is a practice that will appear as soon as there is a gap! Even if the boss / teacher criticism, do not care. Work / school no longer can be found, enjoy life is the most important, is to control your words and actions in these two days of guidelines! Dreams about wife taking off her pants on the train [Dream 1]. Dream of taking a train into a tunnel: I dreamed I took a train into a tunnel, then saw a crocodile, suddenly killed a man (saw blood), after the train stopped in a town, I found I was only conscious, saw the crocodile chasing two men and a woman, after the two men sold the woman, that is, running and running the two men turned to the right, while the woman was still running straight, after a short time the crocodile turned around and chased the two men. Then one of them killed the other (no blood), and then the crocodile arrived to look at the killers with a dagger in their hands, after the fear of 。。。。 Then I woke up [Dreamland 2 I dreamed that I missed the train: I dreamed last night that I took the train home with my classmates, but I misremembered the train's departure time, so I missed the train, there were so many people at the entrance, I couldn't find the ticket hall, then I went to look and walked to a very dilapidated place with many dilapidated high walls, I met a rag picker old lady, he said there was a wall and curtain in the middle of the arbitrary passage, where to go, I didn't go, I I think not reliable, go to the other side of this dilapidated building to find, the other side is very busy, the opposite side of the building is a very wide river, the river there is a man rack speedboat sailing past, I met a big brother at the entrance of the stairs, asked him how to go to the ticket hall, but he said, you are to head the ballot, I do not tell you, then I went into the building, inside is a supermarket I came out, and met the granny, she said I will take you to find, we are like flying up generally over that river, saw the boats below, and the subway on the high bridge, and just to this I woke up. [Dreamland 3 I dreamed that there was a lot of money on the train: I dreamed that there was a lot of money on the train, first my dad was there to load it, and then my sister we also brought it. Our family loaded up the money, ready to get home, but a few more people came from below, but did not come up under the ground, my brother and I rushed to first take two bags to send home [Dream 4]. I dreamed that I bought my boyfriend the food he needed on the train: I dreamed that my boyfriend and I and my mom and grandma went to a place we needed to take the train to get to! So we came to the place where my dad took me for dinner yesterday, wrote a bunch of questions for my boyfriend to do, and then bought some food for him at the supermarket next to him, and gave him a dollar for her to do the train. [Dream 5]. I dreamed that I saw a train overturn: my girlfriend let me cheat me down, I went down to know that the train was in danger, standing under the bridge, watching the train cars to separate, my girlfriend was trying to save the car back to normal, they seemed to be one car each, suddenly the cars fell off one by one, I witnessed my acquaintance's head hitting the pillar in mid-air and fell flat, I ran to the roadside, the people in the train fell out one by one in mid-air, the train road I ran to the curb, the people in the train were falling out one by one in mid-air, and the train tracks were flowing down with water, and the pedestrians who were standing high up watching the action were washed down, and I seemed to be invisible. [Dreamland 6 Dream of catching a train: I dreamed of taking a train to a certain place, sitting for a while midway and needing to change, getting off the train and living with my childhood playmates, and my family, and by the time the train left the family was all gone, and I missed the train, so I waited for the second car, and missed it again, and eventually didn't catch the train. "