Dreaming of orange

What does dreaming of orange mean? Is it good to dream of orange? Dreams of orange have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. The orange dream is a symbol of friendly treatment. You want others to treat you considerately and are willing to pass on your tenderness to family, friends and loved ones. Dreaming of red and full oranges foretells that you will have good luck and go red. To dream of raw oranges, you should pay more attention to your health, it predicts that you may be sick. To dream of giving someone oranges foretells that you will be loved and praised by others. Dreaming of multiple flourishing orange trees full of ripe oranges foretells a situation of health and success. To dream of slipping on an orange peel foretells the death of a relative. To dream that your wife asks you to buy oranges and then eats them, foretells that nasty complications will be transformed into favorable conditions. To dream of eating oranges is an unlucky dream. You are mainly troubled by the illness of a friend or relative, and the atmosphere of mutual dissatisfaction in your career will spread. A married man dreaming of buying oranges will marry a beautiful young woman if he renews his marriage. An unmarried man dreaming of buying oranges foretells that he will marry a healthy and beautiful wife. An unmarried woman dreaming of ripe oranges foretells that she will have a very good reputation. A businessman dreaming of peeling oranges or squeezing orange juice foretells a big business with good profits. A young woman dreaming of eating oranges foretells that she may lose her lover. A young woman dreaming of oranges of very good color hanging on a high branch foretells that she will carefully choose one of her many suitors to be her husband."