Dreaming of playing dates and eating dates

What does it mean to dream of playing dates and eating dates? Do you dream that you see dates and eat dates? There are realistic influences and reactions to dreaming about dates and eating dates, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. A person preparing for an examination dreaming of beating dates and eating dates means that both the written and oral examinations cannot meet the admission standard. People who start a business dreaming of playing dates and eating dates, represents loss of property, do not invest, wait for the right time to operate again. People who are talking about marriage dream of eating dates, indicating that the marriage will be destroyed. Interpretation of dreaming of playing dates and eating dates A patient dreaming of eating dates will soon get better. A traveler dreaming of eating dates may have a traffic accident on the road. People who plan to go out dream of playing dates and eating dates, it is recommended that in case of rain, stop and delay the rain before leaving. A pregnant person dreaming of playing dates and eating dates, foretells the birth of a male, and a female in spring, or a strange birth, should be carefully observed. Psychological advice for dreaming of playing dates and eating dates Will suppress their day. Something, although you like it very much, you will hold back from buying it for frugal reasons! The same is true for work/school, some work/school that you are not interested in, or even feel bored with, you will cope with it out of interest. The same is true for work / school, some of their own interest and even feel bored with the work / school to cope with it out of interest relationship. Love, family members in these two days will also give you more advice, single you have the possibility of being arranged a blind date, involving the family marriage is also quite a chance! Dreams related to playing dates and eating dates [Dream 1]. I dreamed of eating dates and picking a watermelon: In the dream, someone gave me two dates, one red date and one green date, and then I took the green date and ate it, and I saw a lot of watermelons, both big and small, the small ones were very small and the big ones couldn't be held, so I climbed over the table from the door to pick a watermelon, and picked a medium one that wasn't too big or small. [Dreamland 2 I dreamt of eating dates: I dreamt today that I was talking to my relatives who were not close to me, and then I saw that they couldn't control themselves and cried! I don't know what the reason is, but then she gave me dates to eat, and I didn't want or eat them because I saw a dead date palm tree across the street from her house, and the buds next to the root of the tree picked up a big date, and the place was too steep to reach. [Dreamland 3 I dreamed that I went out with a group of people in a car, on a road, after the slope down time came across a date tree, all to pick dates to eat, pick a lot, suddenly, next to a house rushed out a monster, and then people began to run, I ran at the same time saw a puddle of blood on the ground, the monster to eat running in the forefront and then the order to eat people. [Dream 4]. I dreamed of picking dates and eating them: I dreamed that it had just rained, my sister-in-law and I, outside her house wall, saw her date tree, I climbed over the low wall to pick dates, I went over and looked at the ground under the tree as if the wind had blown down a lot of dates, red dates everywhere, I picked up one to eat, the dates were dry, more meat, but not very tasty,, "