Dreaming of privacy

What does dreaming of privacy mean? How about dreaming about privacy? Dreams of privacy have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream that your privacy is being leaked is a sign that some cocky and arrogant guys will worry you a lot. For a woman, this dream warns her to be careful with her personal affairs. To dream that her husband's or lover's privacy is being leaked is a sign that she will completely discredit someone if the conversation is not worded properly. A man dreaming of telling someone his privacy indicates that his opponent will be determined to make an enemy of him. A married woman dreaming of telling someone her privacy means that her husband will be sad and bored. To dream of telling the privacy of one's heart reminds the dreamer that he should be careful with his words and actions and not to trust others easily to avoid bad consequences. To dream of someone telling the privacy of his heart suggests that the dreamer can meet a sincere friend and that this friend is trustworthy. Lovers dream of telling others their privacy, suggesting that the two do not trust each other, mutual suspicion, the marriage fell through. A businessman dreaming of telling someone his privacy means that a competitor will squeeze himself out of his business point. To dream of disclosing one's privacy to others, one's goal will be achieved in the near future. Dreaming that your wife is open about your privacy, you will have a good housekeeping. To dream that you want to know someone's privacy means to fight with someone. Dream of inquiring about your wife's privacy, there will be a quarrel in the family. To dream of a detailed investigation into the privacy of others foretells that losses and disasters will fall on one's head."