Dreaming of saying goodbye, saying goodbye

Dreaming of saying goodbye, saying goodbye, what does it mean? How about dreaming of saying goodbye and saying goodbye? Dreaming of saying goodbye has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the dreamer's subjective imagination. To dream of saying goodbye foretells that life will change. On the one hand, it suggests that you may lose the support of your friends; on the other hand, it may also indicate that you will be separated from your friends and relatives, and your heart is full of lingering feelings. Sometimes dreaming of saying goodbye also foretells that there will be a job transfer, leaving the original environment. Usually, if you dream of saying goodbye to a friend, it indicates that you miss being with your friend and wish you could still spend time together. If a close friend says goodbye to you in a dream, beware, such dreams sometimes suggest that a close friend may be about to die. Married men dreaming that they say goodbye to their wives should pay extra attention to their health, they may become ill or their condition may worsen and face danger. A married woman dreaming that she says goodbye to her husband foretells that the family income may be reduced, or her husband's career may hit a bottleneck, and you will worry about your life. To dream that you are saying goodbye to a classmate indicates a lingering love for friendship. Perhaps you are going to be separated, or your views, opinions, and differences are growing and are becoming distant, and your heart is filled with nostalgia for your past friendships. To dream that you are giving a speech while saying goodbye to a crowd suggests that you have enemies who have been trying to make bad things happen to you and looking for opportunities to cause you trouble. If you dream that someone announces a farewell speech in front of a crowd, such a dream predicts that you will be promoted and your status and position will increase. To dream of leaving your country means that you will suffer losses in your property and your business will go bankrupt. Case study of dreaming of saying goodbye Dream description: Four years of college time passed by in a hurry, and it was time to say goodbye. In the recent days, I always feel like saying goodbye. I dreamt that I was saying goodbye to my classmates, and we were crying together, and there were no more words to say, but our teary eyes were our endless thoughts. (Female, 22 years old) Dream Analysis: Farewell means a brief parting. If you dream of saying goodbye to a friend, it means that deep down you do not want to part with your friend. It is because you don't want to say goodbye in your mind that the scene of saying goodbye appears in your dream. Saying goodbye to a friend in a dream indicates that you are very fond of the good times you had with your friend. This dream foretells a change in your residence or location."