Dreaming of shapes

What does dreaming of shapes mean? How about dreaming about shapes? Dreams of shapes have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of any object that is ugly and strange in shape is an omen of disappointment. The beautiful and harmonious shape of the dream foretells favorable conditions to promote health and career development. Dreams of shapes, the five elements of the main earth, get this dream is a sign of good luck in your career, you have more efforts in the career, I will be rewarded for their efforts, you are in the career, such as a thousand horses to meet the bole. Single women get this dream, the main you will meet in the relationship with a sincere love, you and the other party is truly like, your feelings can go on for a long time, cherish the opportunity for two people to get along, the relationship will be better Oh! If you are more introverted and shy in your feelings, the fate between you is mostly the other party to take the initiative, such as your initiative, your feelings will stop, I'm afraid. Summer dream of inauspicious, winter dream of auspicious. Single man to get this dream, is you will meet in life confidant, she is sincere heart people, to you is true love, your feelings can go on for a long time, since the two people's feelings can be long, must insist on going on, do not doubt each other in the middle, otherwise the feelings are not good. Married women dream of, is that you and your lover do not trust each other much, mutual suspicion is not smooth."