Dreaming of slipping

What does dreaming of slipping mean? Is it good to dream of slipping? Dreams of slipping have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the dreamer's subjective imagination. To dream that one slides down from a high place suggests that one will face setbacks in the workplace and may be demoted. A husband dreaming that his wife slides down from a high place foretells that he may spend a lot of money for his wife, and even affect the quality of life. If you dream of slipping and falling with your wife, it implies that the couple is in love and the family is harmonious. A married woman dreaming that she slides down from a high place implies that her husband's income may have to be lowered and the quality of life decreases. To dream of someone slipping and falling suggests that there may be setbacks and losses in the near future, reminding you to be more vigilant. A businessman dreaming that he slips from a high place foretells lower income, less profit and possibly loss. A patient dreaming of slipping to a lower level suggests that recovery will be difficult in the near future and that care should be taken to prevent deterioration of the condition."