Dreaming of smells

What does dreaming of smells mean? Is it good to dream of smelling bad? Dreams of stench have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Stinky odor can be said to be a smell that is disgusting to all people. If you dream of a bad smell, it is an ominous dream, indicating that the dreamer may be threatened by certain things, but things are not quite right. To dream that you are in an environment where the stench is overwhelming is a sign that something unfortunate will happen to you. To dream that one's body emits foul odor is a sign that illness will appear in one's body. To dream of falling into a stinking ditch represents that you will be in great trouble. To dream of being pushed into a stinking ditch suggests that you should beware of villains. To dream of climbing out of a stinking puddle means that the disaster will pass."