Dreaming of snakes all over the doorway of my house

Dreaming of snakes all over the doorway of my house what does it mean? How about dreaming that there are snakes at the door of your house? The dream of snakes in front of the house has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of a snake is a sign of migration. The Dunhuang Book of Dreams A woman dreaming of a snake will make herself and her child sick. The door symbolizes the relationship between the internal world of the human mind and the external world. Many people often dream of snakes. In the interpretation of Zhou Gong dreams, most dreams of snakes are auspicious signs, but there are individual cases that are bad omens. Snakes in dreams often represent desires, inner strength and so on. Also snakes in dreams are a kind of birth dream. If the snake is curly, it means that you are currently indulging in a sexual relationship, and there is also a warning of increasing jealousy. On the other hand, dreaming of a snake is also a symbol of rising fortune, while a snake escaping is a symbol of monetary loss. To dream of a doorway indicates that the dreamer desires friendship and love. People who are preparing for exams dream that there are snakes in front of their homes, it means that they have poor luck in exams and bad grades, it is advisable to work harder. The dream of a married man who sees snakes in front of his house indicates that communication in many aspects and marriage can be accomplished. People who start a business dreaming of snakes in front of their homes, representing the inability to support, it is advisable to guard, not big investment, loss of wealth. A pregnant person dreaming of snakes in front of her house foretells the birth of a daughter. In autumn, a man is born. People who plan to go out dream of snakes in front of their homes, it is recommended not to go out, choose another time to leave again. Psychological advice for dreaming of snakes in front of your home Opportunity with good luck, even if the strength is a little too weak as long as you work hard can still have good results. Don't just sit around waiting for something to happen, get up and move around and observe. Activity is the best way to rejuvenate and speed up your luck. If you want to have new opportunities, go out and try your luck. Dreams about snakes in front of the house [Dream 1]. I dreamt of a snake with black scales: I dreamt of a snake with black scales, very short but about 2cm in diameter, I held it in my hand to play with it did not bite me, how I played with it did not move, suddenly I thought it might bite me, I threw it, threw it in front of a family, only the old grandfather noticed it, he picked up the snake, the snake then began to move in the struggle to bite him, broke the tail with his hand, and broke the head, I At that time, I was anxious, said the snake does not bite it! Then he said bite ah. You hold in your hands to play with a lot of bacteria, and woke up. [Dreamland 2 Dreaming of a snake entering my belly button: Tonight I dreamed that I was sleeping at home by the threshold and a small snake came in, first into my clothes and then into my belly button. I woke up later. The night before I dreamed that my long lost friend entrusted me to her grandmother, saying that she was all right and not to worry about her. I went home and told this to her grandmother. Within two days her grandmother passed away, and saw her grandmother at peace. That's when I woke up. Wake up and not afraid, there is something strange in the heart. My friend's grandmother had passed away more than ten years ago. What do these two dreams mean? Please reply to me. Thank you very much! [Dreamland 3 I dreamed I asked a snake to help me: In the morning, I dreamed I asked a snake to help me, then I was in a high place, I needed to pay the snake, but I didn't dare to talk to it, the helper was a long and thin gray snake, then I called my friend to talk to it, my friend said easily that you can just talk to it yourselves, then hung up the phone. The snake probably understood that we did not want to pay it, so a green snake seemed a little angry, crawling on me, I was afraid it would bite me, so like petting a puppy to soothe it. Then I woke up. The dream was very frightening because it was a bit afraid of heights and of snakes. [Dream 4]. Dream of snake: dreamed that we a few people, walking in the river, saw a snake rolled up inside, the snake saw us move a little, and later rolled up, we returned home after seeing the snake in the water to my home, to my home after biting my sister and brother and then I woke up [Dream 5]. I dreamed that my child was hanging from a tree with snakes wrapped all over his body: first I dreamed that I was at the river and saw fish swimming in the water, then I saw a big snake or two coiled in a tree, I wanted to lure the snake away so that my child could escape, and at the moment when I was holding the snake, I saw my child hanging from the tree by the vine, and then the snake was wrapped all over his body. [Dreamland 6 Dream of cleaning up the goods in the house when suddenly appear many snakes: last night after a quarrel with my husband went to bed, dreamed of cleaning up the goods in the house when suddenly appear many snakes, suddenly the family is gone, only my husband and I left, those snakes in the house crawl open crawl away, and then only one snake left, please explain, what does this dream represent "