Dreaming of stains

What does dreaming of stains mean? How is it to dream of a stain? Dreams of stains have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream that you have stains on your hands or clothes is a sign that some minor troubles are going to bother you. To dream that there is a stain on someone's clothes foretells that someone will betray you. To dream of washing away stains indicates that the dreamer wishes to change the shortcomings of his character and improve himself as much as possible. Case study of dreaming of a stain Dream description: In my dream, I dreamed that I bought a cream-colored silk shirt and wore it, which was especially beautiful. But somehow, there were a lot of stains on the shirt, however, the stain was relatively small and might still be relatively easy to wash off. Dream Analysis: The dream of stain means trouble and difficulty. Generally speaking, any tainted microphone is a reflection of the troubles in your mind. If you dream of a smaller tainted microphone, it indicates that the troubles you encounter will soon be overcome by you. If you dream of a larger stain, it indicates that you will run into more difficult difficulties."