Dreaming of stepping on dead rats

What does it mean to dream of stepping on dead rats? How about dreaming of stepping on a dead mouse? Dreams of stepping on dead rats have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. People who are preparing for exams dream of stepping on a dead mouse, it means that they have to work harder in arts, the results are less satisfactory, do not be discouraged. A pregnant person dreaming of trampling on a dead mouse foretells the birth of a daughter, and in winter, the birth of a boy. Be careful when climbing high. People who start a business dreaming of stepping on a dead mouse, represents slow progress smoothly gaining money, should change more. Interpretation of dream of stepping on a dead mouse Women who dream of rats often feel afraid, and some people who suffer from phobias are often attacked by rats in their dreams and hide everywhere; another situation is that women dream of rats, indicating that they will not be able to withstand the temptations of the outside world in the future. To dream of mice is a symbol of events such as destruction, illness, right and wrong or backbiting. If there are many mice is a hint that there will be a quarrel at home and there is a possibility of a big fight. A woman dreaming of a mouse is an indication that someone is hitting on you and you should be careful to guard against it. And if rats run into your clothes, it means you may be involved in a scandal. To dream of a dead mouse, to have good luck. To dream of a dead mouse means good luck. Dreaming of a dead mouse, a good omen, to have good luck. Dreaming of dead rats and dead rats is a good omen for good luck. People who plan to go out dream of stepping on a dead mouse, it is recommended to postpone the trip again in case of wind and fog. Married people dream of stepping on a dead mouse, indicating that the heart and mind, to mutual respect and trust, marriage can be achieved. Psychological advice for dreaming of stepping on a dead mouse No matter how much sadness or joy you have experienced this year, you want to finish the year with a positive mood and hope to usher in each day with this optimism for the future, and good luck will continue. Dreams related to stepping on dead rats [Dream 1]. Dream of dead rats: the night before yesterday dreamed that an aunt died but in reality has died, and then I went to his home with colleagues to see, passing a muddy ground when I saw the ground full of dead rats, and then I was not afraid to continue to walk, to the aunt's home after the discovery of the funeral have been home to eat it [Dreamland 2 Dream of dead rats: dream of big brother to throw dead rats on their own, the heart is very afraid, as if big brother felt worried about themselves, said a dead rat what is afraid of, throwing more powerful, take the rat hit on their own body, they are very afraid, very aggrieved, has been crying, big brother and throw the rat on the wall, everywhere is blood [Dreamland 3 Dream of stepping on a dead mouse: I dreamed that in a box with garbage, a mouse ran out, I saw it and went to step on it with my foot, but did not step on it, stepped on its tail, I stepped on it again a few times, before stepping on its head, the mouse did not move, felt dead, but it was still desperately under several small mice [Dream 4]. Dream of pinching a rat: It is a dream that there is a straight line with the right turn of the rat hole in the right corner of the bed, a particularly humane rat was caught by me inside. See humane told him, I let you go, but can not bite me, but he also bit my hand, and then pinched his head a little harder, the result of the head fell off, but his claws still grabbed my hand. Then the reality felt my own hand flung hard, and then woke up [Dream 5]. dream of dead rats dead people killer couple: dream of a few dead rats and a dead man lying together, the man looks a bit strange, the head looks very much like with a duck-tongue hat but to determine not the hat but a strange-looking people, and then chased by the killer and eluded the killer, and then dreamed of a couple who knew what was going to happen with the woman, did find her man in the wake up [Dreamland 6 I dreamed that my ex-boyfriend killed a mouse: originally and good friends in the house to tell the pain, and then see my ex-boyfriend to find my friend, I left first, sitting in a dark open space crying, then a mouse ran to my side, I blow to drive it away, but it began to bite me, it chased me to run, and then my ex-boyfriend appeared to help me kill him .... I just broke up with my ex-boyfriend. "