Dreaming of the 10,000 symbols

What does dreaming of the 10,000 symbols mean? Is it good to dream of the sign of ten thousand words? The dream of the sign of ten thousand characters has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. The ten thousand ornaments, if oriented clockwise, indicate an ideal person and his power to do good and good deeds. In the Eastern symbolic culture, the sign of the ten thousand symbols indicates the movement of the sun. If the Manifestation appears in a counterclockwise direction, it signifies fascism, meaning ferocity and wrongdoing. The swastika (wan) has a difference between clockwise and counterclockwise. The swastika, or counterclockwise, is indicative of the culture of some Eastern religions. It often denotes the movement of the sun. The swastika, on the other hand, which is clockwise, indicates fascism, a manifestation of ferocity and error. To dream that you see a swastika symbol is a sign that you will do something good and will bring help to you in your time of trouble. To dream of a swastika is a sign that you will have a dispute with someone."