Dreaming of the Yellow River Bridge

What does it mean to dream of the Yellow River Bridge? Do you dream of the Yellow River Bridge? Dreaming of the Yellow River Bridge has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the dreamer's subjective imagination. Pregnant people dreaming of the Yellow River Bridge, foretell the birth of a girl, the winter accounted for the birth of a boy, avoid moving earth, moving fetal energy. People who are talking about marriage dream of the Yellow River Bridge, indicating that they can expect to get married. People who start a business dreaming of the Yellow River Bridge, represents not very smooth, loss of property, careful to prevent the disaster of water and fire. Interpretation of dream about Yellow River Bridge A man in love dreaming of a bridge means a good romance. To dream of a bridge symbolizes help, a turnaround, a way to communicate and connect. A negotiator dreaming of a bridge means good communication with the opponent and mutual benefit for both sides. Dreaming of a river symbolizes a stream of life, and crossing the river means passing a test in life and represents smoothness. An elderly person dreaming of a bridge means he will die soon. A negotiator dreaming of a bridge means achieving a win-win situation with his opponent. It is auspicious to dream of the Yellow River. People who plan to go out dream of the Yellow River Bridge, it is suggested that it is not advisable to go out, postpone it. People preparing for exams dreaming of the Yellow River Bridge means unsatisfactory results and unacceptance. Psychological advice for dreaming of the Yellow River Bridge Show a strong desire for success! You prefer to participate in collective work/school projects with a clear division of labor and want to take on a professional role in the project. Dreams related to the Yellow River Bridge [Dream 1]. I dreamed of crossing a plank bridge with difficulty and my friend was hit by a car: I had a dream last night that I was crossing a plank bridge with a good friend of mine. The water under the plank bridge is very big, the plank bridge is all wet, and also swaying around, walk to the middle, part of no plank, then I jumped over, walk to the highway, suddenly came a big truck, I dodged, my friend was hit by a car, and then he did not matter at all. Is this an auspicious dream or a bad dream? [Dreamland 2 Dreaming of building a bridge in the sea: I dreamed of a house on the sea, saying that they also build a bridge for their children to use for learning, I do not have a son ah! Also stood in the water to tie the rope, said the rope is not tied well, in case the child fell, will not drown? I almost choked on the seawater myself! The seawater is with my shoulder. [Dreamland 3 I dreamed that I walked onto a bridge: I dreamed that I walked onto a bridge without realizing it. Suddenly found a child in the water, his mother on the bridge and others chatting, I rushed to his mother said the child in the water, her mother went over to see said careful to hurry up and chatted away, this time I was about to fall. I grew up more afraid of the water, so I rushed to climb up finally came up, I woke up! [Dream 4]. Dream to cross the river bridge broken car blocking the road: dream to go to work, want to pass through the dry river, but the results were blocked, can only take the bridge! As a result, the bridge was blocked by a lot of snow and garbage! And there was a broken ditch on the bridge! There was a car blocking it! I tried to get across the ditch! Clear the garbage! Then the car came slowly and blocked the ditch again! At that moment, people came out from the river under the bridge and opened the door where the river was blocked. [Dream 5]. Dream of climbing a very steep bridge: I dreamed of going out with many family members and friends, where there was a very high and steep bridge, and everyone was so excited to go and be afraid, but I was the only one who was afraid. The fear in the dream was so obvious that I had to choose to give up. I remember my grandmother was angry in the dream, so I was patient in persuasion, but that was really beyond my ability, I assured her that I would not do so in the future, and then I turned around and walked down the mountain, wanting to go to the hot spring area at the bottom of the mountain to play. I didn't realize that I had left my shoes at the bridge when I got to the bottom of the hill, and I had been walking barefoot. So, I had to return to get my shoes and then I woke up. [Dreamland 6 I dreamed that I was riding my electric car to work, and I crossed a bridge with water from south to north, and when I was about to pass, I fell off the west side of the bridge, and I fell under the bridge where there was no water, and the electric car was also standing in the place where there was no water. At this time another class came over, I called him to get the electric car up, and then I woke up. "