Dreaming of the back

What does dreaming of the back mean? How about dreaming about the back side? Dreaming of the back side has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. The back of anything, such as the back of a building or other object, can symbolize something unseen in your personality. They are buried in the subconscious because they are seen as inferior and potentially threatening to the conscious self. Are they really inferior and potentially shameful? Why do you feel this way? You must learn to get in touch with your deep emotional needs, which means you communicate with the repressed parts of yourself. A person's back, if not curved, represents moral uprightness, as well as physical strength and moral power. And a bent back may be an indication that you feel overburdened. What prevents you from looking up and being open to life? Is it guilt? Is it your parents, boss or someone else imposing their choices or values on you? You should try to get rid of them. Psychology dream interpretation Dream Interpretation: When a dream is particularly conspicuous in a certain direction, it generally indicates your moral values or position in life. This type of symbolism may also contain hints about how to handle certain situations in life. Psychoanalysis: Acceptance and rejection are usually expressed in dreams as the front and back of objects. Spiritual symbolism: on a spiritual level, the various aspects of the dream suggest that you are at different stages of self-development."