Dreaming of the country

What does dreaming of the country mean? Is it good to dream of a country? Dreaming about the country has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream that you are in a beautiful and rich country with thriving agricultural areas and clear, clear water means that a good time awaits you in the near future and that you are not only rich but may choose your residence at will. If the country dreamed of is bare, a picture of poverty and backwardness, it means that there may be famine and epidemics coming. Dreaming of the president of the country, diligent work, no bad and safe, and finally get the good omen of success, although the success is later, but the safe development, improve the situation, the family prosperity, but the process also has a lot of hardship trouble. If there are no bad numbers in the two frames, there will be no disease, and if there is a disease, medicine can be quickly cured. To dream of a war within the country, a potential epidemic will appear in the dreamer's place of residence. A businessman dreaming of a war at home will make doing business abroad unattainable. To dream of a national leader, it can be said that a celebrity is a symbol of success and perfection. If you dream that you become a celebrity or are related to a celebrity, it suggests that you desire to be recognized by everyone for your achievements. However, what you desire is often what you lack in reality, which means that you are under a lot of pressure in real life, and even if you achieve something, it is still not recognized by everyone. However, it is also possible that your subconscious is only using the image of celebrity to disguise your desire, you do not really desire to have achievements; it is also possible that you want to have excessive power and colorful life; then there is the desire for privilege. Everyone's needs are different, and the motivation certainly varies, and should depend on the individual's heart response."