Dreaming of the doorway

What does dreaming of the doorway mean? Is it good to dream of a doorway? Dreams of doorways have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreams of doorways, drawers, etc. indicate the dreamer's desire for friendship and love. Dreaming of standing at the door of your home and not being able to get in, or losing your keys. On the one hand, it may symbolize a loss of self or a feeling of being alienated from others inside, fear of rejection or rejection, and insecurity. On the other hand, it may also indicate that you are experiencing great inner grief or have encountered obstacles and do not know how to solve them. But this dream also indicates that spiritual healing is about to begin and that you will soon manage to find a way to open the door. After all, even after the loss of a loved one's company, a person has to find a way to survive. Dreaming of a big flood in front of your house will lead to a good life in the near future. The original version of the Zhou Gong dream interpretation To dream of the front of the door is very auspicious. The Dunhuang Book of Dreams Dreaming of being neutral at the door, the position of the three gongs. The Dunhuang Book of Dreams Dream of the doorway more main in the career or relationship will have a new hope, get this dreamer before a period of time more life unfortunate, and in the near future can be improved, then life can be a big difference. If you dream that there are people at the door, then you have good hopes in your career, and you can get the recognition of others in your career, then you can have the ability to improve in your career, if you have bad things with others, you need to improve the relationship as soon as possible, do not let the presence of the other party affect your position in the career, the person who has this dream has an auspicious dream in autumn, and an unlucky dream in winter. Dreaming of a lot of people at the door, the Lord in the relationship you will have the sign of picking and choosing, and you like a person, easy to put your life into this, and your relationship with the other party is not stable, too early to make a decision will be detrimental to both you and the other party's behavior, must be carefully considered after the responsibility for love. Dreaming that the doorway is about to close, you have good luck in your relationship, but most of the upsets you encounter in your relationship are related to your family."