Dreaming of the word joy separate

What does it mean to dream of the word joy separate? Is it good to dream of the word happy separated? Dreams of the word happy separated have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. A pregnant person dreaming of the word "happy" apart, foretelling the birth of a male, autumn accounted for the birth of a female, moving earth damage fetus careful. People who start a business dreaming that the word "happy" is separated, represents a false appearance, more losses, should change the industry. People who are talking about marriage dream of the word "happy" separated, indicating that the marriage can be completed if the parents of the woman agree. People who plan to go out dream of the word happy separated, they are advised to travel as they wish and bring rain gear. People who are preparing for exams dream of the word happy separated, it means that they cannot concentrate on the exam and have little chance of admission. Psychological advice for dreaming that the happy word is separated These two days, no matter in communication and speech and interpersonal relationships, you have to be careful because of poor mental condition, not clear enough, and performance is not as expected; a carelessly said the wrong thing and destroyed important contacts, resulting in the original high probability of receiving cases, may be lost! Especially when you go out, you have to pay attention to traffic safety! Dreams related to the separation of the word happy [Dream 1]. I dreamed that my colleague who had been separated for many years said she was pregnant! But she didn't want to, she said she had never been pregnant before without contraception! This time she got pregnant by chance! The economy is not very good and I don't want it! I also told her that she was not too young to want it. Later I looked at her face and it seemed to be the same as before. [Dreamland 2 I dreamed that I was separated from my boyfriend: I stayed at home and my boyfriend called me to tell me that someone would come to deliver food later, after the delivery of food came I asked him a few questions he was impatient to go, my boyfriend came dressed in a very handsome I let him and that person to return to the food, and two friends sleeping at home found my boyfriend eating outside the door, I asked him where he had gone in the past few days in fact, he had been in my home in a gap under the bed, but I did not find him [Dreamland 3 I dreamed that my body and head were separated: my boyfriend dreamed that on the stairs of his house (a small rural yard with stairs that go up to the roof), there was a man whose body and head were separated, his body was bolted to the stairs, there was no blood, and his father came out of the house and saw it, looked at it, and went out of the house without saying anything. The person was a stranger, and the memory is fuzzy as to who it was. I did not wake up after the dream and slept until dawn, waking up naturally.   The guru interpreted the dream and said it was unlucky, pay attention to travel safety. I would like to know how to break it, or what is particularly important to pay attention to, can the master point out the way? Approximately how long do I need to pay attention? Can you explain in detail? Please master, please solve. Thanks! [Dream 4]. I dreamed that I was separated from my daughter: I dreamed that I was being chased by a large number of reactionaries, and when I had no way to escape, it was not safe to take my child with me, so I had to entrust my child to others, but no one was willing to take the child for me, and finally my mother took the child for me. [Dream 5]. I dreamed that I slept with my separated husband: I dreamed that I was cutting wheat with my dead brother-in-law, and that someone called me and gave him sex, and then I slept with my separated husband, without clothes and pants, and I dreamed that I went to the street and fell at a place without lights, and someone walked over me, and then someone grabbed my bag, and it didn't work! [Dreamland 6 I dreamed that I was separated from my boyfriend: in real life, my boyfriend and I bought the same day ticket to school, but I dreamed that I was still in school, almost to 2.14, I was happy to say that I was going on vacation, I just suddenly realized that my boyfriend was not around, I dragged my luggage to the airport, ready to go to him, but then for various reasons, back home again, or I did not see him, so I was heartbroken! "