Dreaming of touching male reproduction

What does it mean to dream of touching male reproduction? How about dreaming about touching male reproduction? Dreams of touching male reproduction have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. People preparing for exams dreaming of touching male reproduction means poor performance in science subjects, other grades are okay. A pregnant person dreaming of touching male reproduction foretells the birth of a daughter. People who start a business dreaming of touching male genitalia, representing a smooth gain of wealth, careful to prevent too just impulsive failure. People who plan to go out dream of touching male reproduction, it is recommended that the rain and wind do not go, postpone going out again. The dream of a married person to touch male reproduction indicates that a noisy marriage will not work. Psychological advice for dreaming of touching male reproduction The mood is a little crazy day! You know something is not right, but you can't tell the truth about it. You will spend more time on theories in these two days, and at the same time there will be the possibility of losing a lot for a small amount. It would be good to suggest that you concentrate on completing one or two matters. Many realistic problems will come to disturb your love, although upset, but you have to seriously face. Dreams related to touching male reproduction [Dream 1]. Dream of a man without genitals: I dreamed that at my relative's house, a man who looked like a man, he suspected that the person my relative's sister called was the one she was going to marry. Then he lost his temper with her. I asked him if he was a man, and he said not really. When I looked down and saw him bare-assed, it was surprising that the same genitals of men and women were not there. [Dreamland 2 I dreamed of a strange man's genitals: I dreamed that a strange man was washing something in the aisle of the corridor with running water there, this strange man was wearing clothes on his upper body and no clothes on his lower body, his bare buttocks, exposing the whole man's genitals outside, and his penis was hard and stiff, and there were a lot of meat spikes and meat beans growing on his penis, in the dream, I thought I was in the house, I opened the doorway and secretly took a closer look at his I could see his penis, he could not see me, I was thinking, this man may have a sexually transmitted disease. [Dreamland 3 dream girl to touch my genitals: dream of a high school classmate male, and a dream seems to know the female, looks like a relatively small chest, somehow the woman to touch my genitals, I do not let touch, I said you want to touch me have to touch your tits first, she agreed, I touched, feel really not big, and finally she also touched me [Dream 4]. I dreamed that my boyfriend was showing his genitals in front of another woman: I dreamed that my boyfriend and I were walking together and a few girls were walking towards us, my boyfriend suddenly stood still and showed his cock and got a gradual erection, the girls some pretended not to see it. But one of the beautiful-looking girls has been looking at my boyfriend's cock, but also smiling at my boyfriend, and then I saw my boyfriend also smiling at her. Then I got jealous and lost my temper and beat my boyfriend to death. Dreaming about this is a very uncomfortable feeling. As soon as you wake up, your nerves are tense. [Dream 5]. Dreaming of male genitalia: I dreamed that I was sleeping in bed with a male high school classmate who had an average relationship in my dorm room, where there were other people. The male classmate was sleeping inside against the wall and I was sleeping outside. I was wearing clothes. I don't know how it happened, but my right hand held his genitals, and in the dream I was surprised that his genitals were a little bigger and longer than my real boyfriend's. [Dreamland 6 I dreamed that I was given a pill from an unknown source because I was having a bad period, and when I got the pill, I heard people whispering, "Eat it and grow...". I didn't expect that when I went to a lingerie store and asked the people there to measure my breasts, my breasts suddenly changed from two to six, three by three, and three male genitalia grew where I peed, which scared me. I asked the clerk, "Can this be cured?" and they replied, "I can only take medication to control it, there is no way to cure it. Therefore, I was very regretful in my dream that I took the medicine from unknown sources. "