Dreaming of tragedy

What does dreaming of tragedy mean? How about dreaming of tragedy? Dreams of tragedy have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of a tragedy means that there will be serious misunderstandings between you and others, which will lead to tensions in their relationship. To dream that you are involved in a tragedy means that a sudden disaster will plunge you into endless sorrow and pain. One case of intense sadness in dreams is the reappearance of past sad experiences. Also, according to the traditional Chinese dream interpretation, dreaming that you are sad is a sign of happiness. To dream of a family member who is sad may foretell that one will have a wedding and live independently. To dream that a friend or relative has died and one is mourning is a sign of a happy life. To dream of a sad enemy is a sign of victory over the other side or winning a lawsuit. To dream of joining a sad crowd foretells that you will have friends who will share your problems. If you dream about occasions that should be lively and festive, such as parties, holiday celebrations, watching shows and games, but you feel very sad, it usually implies that you internally miss your departed loved ones and is also a reminder that you should forget the pain and integrate into your life as soon as possible."