Dreaming of two little boys

What does it mean to dream of two little boys? How about dreaming of two little boys? Dreaming of two little boys has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. A pregnant person dreaming of two little boys foretells the birth of a daughter. Spring means a male child. A person who starts a business and sees two little boys in his dream represents good profit at first, but then slowly changes his mind and loses money. A dream of a married man seeing two young boys indicates that it is okay for a woman to be slightly older, as long as she trusts each other. Interpretation of dream about two little boys To dream of a boy is a good omen. To dream of a boy, the Lord will have good luck. To dream of a boy indicates a good omen. Dreaming of a boy foretells good luck, prosperous career and business. Dreaming of a boy means career development and business prosperity; an adult man dreaming that his wife gave birth to a boy means that he will soon be rich and will gain good economic benefits. Dreaming of a little boy, perhaps love at first sight will happen, but unfortunately it seems to be unable to develop smoothly with him. People who plan to go out dream of two little boys, suggest that the sky does not follow the wishes of people, postpone the trip. A person preparing for an examination dreaming of two little boys means that he or she fails to get the desired result in the examination as expected. Psychological advice for dreaming of two little boys Excessive physical work is to be avoided in these two days. Once physical fatigue accumulates, your mood will be affected. It also has a negative impact on love and friendship, so save your energy for things you don't need to waste during the day. Let these two days can be spent with a more relaxed mood, no burden of work. Dreams related to two little boys [Dream 1]. dream of like a year-old boy: dream of a relative's child they meet like, he also like me very much willing to join me, and finally because the grandmother and her mother playing mahjong, conflict, his mother left, I held the little boy, the little boy said to follow me, I also said I do not marry, my mother also agreed, but his mother chased us again, I held the little boy and ran [Dreamland 2 dream of carrying a little boy: singing competition site, I took care of his child for a friend, a boy, and then the boy was tired, so I dreamed I was carrying a friend's little boy on my back, and once the boy fell asleep, I also took care of him to cover him, and then the boy became my niece, only it still showed the identity of the boy, that is, my niece became a nephew, and I helped the singer to send tissues [Dreamland 3 Dreaming of a boy: I dreamt that I went shopping with my mom and then met Aunt Ah and a 16-17 year old boy... Then mom and Aunt Ah were going shopping... I was left with the boy... And then we were having fun together... Then we passed by the casino... I stopped... I stopped and watched people gamble... The boy got separated too... Then I went to look for him... I saw him sitting in a chair outside a shoe store... And I went over to him... And we didn't speak... Suddenly he lost his temper and left [Dream 4]. I dreamed of a boy who seemed like my real brother: I dreamed that I was riding in a car, and he was sitting next to me, and I felt that he was my real brother, but he didn't feel like it. I thought to myself, "What are you doing? You're a brat, you don't even let your own sister go. I tugged his hand to prevent him from further action, at first he begged me, and finally he actually one hand to control my hand, the other hand actually touched my breast to come, and very hard to rub 。。。。 I can't understand how I could have such a dream [Dream 5]. dream of being hugged by the boy I used to like: always think of the school where I used to study, like the boy will come to hug you, before he liked me, I also like him, but because of my parents divorce I transferred to another school, occasionally see a little, but never say a word, because the time to see even a minute, those days and like my best friend is also a sister, before the dream, dream of him in the old school hug me in the old school. [Dreamland 6 I dreamed that my daughter became a boy: I am more than 1 month pregnant, I have a 4 year old daughter, dreamed that my daughter was naughty did not listen to me in front and a sister running. I desperately chase, so hard to catch how to turn into a 78-year-old boy, said I well beat him said you run away and can not see your mother. What does this mean. "