Dreaming of walking in the air

What does it mean to dream of walking in the air? How is it to dream of walking in the air? Dreams of walking in the air have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. A person preparing for an examination dreaming of walking in the air means failing to get admitted with poor results. A pregnant person dreaming of walking in the air foretells the birth of a boy. A woman will be born in July and August. People who start a business dreaming of walking in the air, represents that although progress is slow, it is advisable to keep the old, not big investment, the end is favorable. People who plan to go out dream of walking in the air, it is recommended that the luck is not good, it is better to go out less. People who are talking about marriage dream of walking in the air, indicating that although there are other reasons to produce a change of fortune, they should be accommodated. Psychological advice for dreaming of walking in the air The psychology of controlling others, in these two days will make you for their own selfish interests, and ignore the cut-throat pain of others. The more socially experienced you are, the more likely you are to do such things in these two days! Reminder, although cultivating others to rely on your heart can accomplish you, but the practice of this method once too much, will only lead you into the wrong way against your conscience! Dreams related to walking in the air [Dream 1]. Dream of walking in the air: always dream of floating in the air, but also up and down, a foot up, control can slowly fall, up to a very high heart is still nervous some fear, always leap, want to raise as long as a light boarding with the foot up, even in the air when the fall as long as a light boarding can rise up again! [Dreamland 2 Dreaming of walking on muddy roads: I dreamed of walking with my mother's sister-in-law in a field filled with lots of mud, the mud was so deep that it reached my thighs and knees, so I kept walking, I had a bicycle I rode on it, the ground under the mud was very good to ride. Some some just arrived down a few stairs and went inside the store [Dreamland 3 dream of walking ghosts everywhere on campus: I dreamed I was studying in a school, stairwell, walking ghosts everywhere on campus, and did not stop me or chase me, everyone walked individually, often jumping incidents, blood splattered on the ground, and the wall, and then at home when eating saw a long-haired woman in white on the roof of the opposite building to prepare to jump, a closer look is a boy, and then in the female ghost And the boys switch between the edge of the rooftop, in a moment of jumping was saved, back to sleep in the dormitory, who knew that suddenly let us move dormitory, the door of the new dormitory is facing the public toilet in a large mirror, a ghost to look in the mirror at night, I saw clearly through the mosquito net, very scared! [Dream 4]. Dream of walking on thick snow: I dreamed that I went to my neighbor's house and saw two calves and went home to get help. As a result, walking in the thick snow, encountered a snow ditch how can not walk over, my husband and neighbors with a little girl also did not pull me a hand. Walk in the snow by themselves, with crawling can not find home, and finally tired to sleep. [Dream 5]. Dream of walking in the rain: dreamed of walking in the mall with friends, then saw a black schoolbag, then carried a new black schoolbag to find someone, and then saw the person to be found in front of the phone, so returned to the supermarket, it was dark and raining on the road, it has been walking in the rain, the other two friends are a couple, so they walked alone in front, but also saw a lot of snails on the ground. On the way to see the school bag price tag is too expensive so back to the mall put back where it was not bought. Later, I found my own bag was missing and went to the place where the bag was sold, and saw someone take out my own bag in the beginning of the black bag in search of the owner, and then I went to claim it myself [Dreamland 6 Dream of walking on ice: dreamed that my wife and I, children suddenly walking on ice, as if also riding a scooter, very worried about the ice will break, I immediately trip down the roll line, see many people in the distance also on the ice bicycle walking, and see - a break, I use my hand to explore the thickness of the ice, there are 20 cm thick, which is up to walk "