Dreaming of waves surging to my feet

What does it mean to dream of waves surging to my feet? How about dreaming of waves rushing to your feet? There are realistic influences and reactions to dreaming of waves surging under your feet, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of waves surging under your feet is a sign that your interpersonal relationships will be greatly improved, and that you, who were originally very inconspicuous among your classmates, may suddenly become widely liked by them. Anyway, it's a good turnaround. Dreaming of tall waves coming ferociously indicates that you will be busy in terms of socializing. You may be approached by a friend or relative to discuss love issues or ask you to accompany her to the movies, etc. Mostly, you will be busy with other people's affairs and their trust in you will be multiplied. To dream of waves is a sign that you will be firmly in control of some important part of your plan. Waves in a dream are clear, meaning you will acquire a wealth of knowledge. To dream of a storm hitting and making waves, foretells that you will make a serious and unforgivable mistake. A pregnant woman who dreams of a tsunami or rolling waves will have a difficult time giving birth to a boy."