Dreaming of women getting high on melon seeds

Dreaming of women getting high on melon seeds what does it mean? How about dreaming of a woman getting high on melon seeds? Dreaming of women getting high on melon seeds has realistic implications and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Married people dreaming of women getting high on melon seeds, indicating that if they can trust each other, they will finally be married, otherwise they will be separated. A pregnant person dreaming of a woman getting high on melon seeds, foretells the birth of a male. In spring and summer, a woman will be born, prevent the birth of a child. People preparing for exams dreaming of a woman getting high on melon seeds means unsatisfactory grades, poor arts, and difficulty in reaching their wishes. Interpretation of dreaming of a woman getting high on melon seeds Dreaming of melon seeds also means smooth work, smooth business and smooth life. Dreaming of melon seeds also indicates that the relationship between husband and wife becomes harmonious, and the son understands and is obedient. Dreaming of melons is auspicious and means that everything bad in the past is about to pass and new good fortune keeps coming. If you dream of getting high on sunflower squash, then you should be mentally prepared to welcome an old friend who has been long-lost. People who start a business dreaming of a woman getting high on melon seeds, represents not very smooth, there are ups and downs, have confidence to break through the difficulties. People who plan to go out dreaming of a woman high on melon seeds, suggest a smooth trip, a little gossip, ignore it. Psychological advice for dreaming of a woman getting high on melon seeds These two days you should play your sacrificial spirit of dedication to serve everyone, run an errand la, a good deed day la. Not only can you get the approval of people, you will also be in a very happy mood. However, the care of others but some neglect themselves, love because of the lack of communication between each other and misunderstanding. The other person's feelings are a bit uncertain, but it should only be a temporary phenomenon, show your sincerity to calm each other down. Use more phone calls and text messages to increase communication opportunities. Dreams related to women getting high on melon seeds [Dream 1]. I dreamed of my family getting high in a concert hall: I dreamed that all the living grandma and grandpa and mom we were getting high in a concert hall, and then suddenly I appeared with a stranger in a train-like but not train carriage, just the two of us, he suddenly collapsed, I don't know if he fainted or died, and then I was scared and jumped out of the car, and then the car disappeared and disappeared. I ran ah, in a river I called to inform who did not know to tell them that the dead disappeared, I was not the killer woke up in fear [Dreamland 2 I dreamed that my dead fourth aunt gave me fried melon seeds to eat: I dreamed that I was in the toilet at school, a little boy wanted to come in I blocked with another little girl, later still came in to kill us, I ran, ran a long way, met a small house, there was an old lady in the house, she asked me enthusiastically if I had eaten to cook for me, later she gave me fried melon seeds, there was a cat in her house, also talked to me [Dreamland 3 Dream of frying all kinds of beans and melon seeds: I dreamed that in a home, there is a large cabinet behind the Siemens, the cabinet put a pot of fried, clearly remembered black beans, green beans, green beans are not the small green beans of the congee, is as big as the bowl of beans, are fried, and a plate of sunflower melon seeds, is also fried. [Dream 4]. I dreamed of eating melon seeds with false teeth: I dreamed of a very dark room, but it was at home, I couldn't see my fingers, there were many, I ran into the wrong room, I couldn't find the light, then I ran again, suddenly I ran into my grandmother's room, when I drank water, I bit into my grandmother's false teeth running in the water, then my grandmother gave me a melon seed very hard and hard [Dream 5]. I dreamt of selling melon seeds: I dreamt of selling melon seeds, there were two flavors of melon seeds left, a few people came and bought them all at once, I went to look to see if there were any more, I didn't find any, I thought the delivery people hadn't delivered yet, a while later my mom and dad came back, changed several flavors of melon seeds and poured them into the shelves. A few nephews and a few guessing game, a nephew always lose, a while out in front of the play, there are nephews, sons and sisters, see from the north came a flower boat, this year, thinking about the New Year's flower boat show, a few children are very happy, haunted to see. [Dreamland 6 dream of eating melon seeds:, last night dreamed in Chinese medicine it prescribed medicine, medicine is melon seeds and chewing gum said to be able to assist in pregnancy, eat melon seeds and chewing gum, chewing gum chewing no more, melon seeds or three, one is white pumpkin seeds, or sunflower seeds, and a watermelon seeds, and then woke up "