Dreaming of youth

What does dreaming of youth mean? How about dreaming of youth? Dreams of youth have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream that you have become younger usually foretells that you will experience sadness, misfortune, or illness. To dream that your wife has become younger indicates family harmony and happiness in life. Pregnant women dreaming of becoming younger warn you to beware of miscarriage and pay extra attention to the safety of the fetus and yourself in the near future. The old man dreamed that he suddenly became younger, implying that he was going to die and that he should pay extra attention to his health condition in the near future. To dream that you are surrounded by young people, or surrounded by young people, indicates that you are in good health and living a luxurious life. Psychology dream interpretation Dream interpretation: If the dream involves a certain mythological goddess, it unites the dreamer together with multiple images of women. If a woman sees a goddess in a dream, this symbolizes the union of all the female subconscious, the struggle for legal rights in the women's world is expressed in the dream in the fullest. If you are a man, then the image of the Goddess signifies the fear of men for the power of women. In general, your perceptions and attitudes in this regard reflect the experience you have gained in relationships with women, often in the company of your mother. Psychoanalysis: Aphrodite: the goddess of love and youth, motivates women to give birth, dominates women's feelings, beauty and love. Spiritual symbols: From a spiritual perspective, as goddess symbols focus on women being able to make important connections that involve them in various ways. They gain an understanding of themselves and can awaken various abilities and competencies in their daily lives."