Dreaming that a child is a kid

What does it mean to dream that a child is a kid? How about dreaming that a child is a kid? Dreaming that a child is a child has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. People who plan to go out dream that the kid is a child, it is advisable to go out without any harm, slightly windy, add some clothes. Those who are preparing for exams dream that the kid is a child, it means that the result of arts is poor, but it does not affect the admission result. People who start a business dream that the kid is a child, represents more improvement, focus on business, the first gain of wealth, greedy greedy big will fail. People who are talking about marriage dream that the kid is a child, indicating that the marriage will be successful if there is honesty in treating it. A pregnant person dreaming that the child is a baby foretells the birth of a male. In summer, it means the birth of a daughter. Pay attention to the safety of mother and child. Psychological advice for dreaming that the kid is a child You can have good luck if you go along with the situation! These two days, you just need to do your part is enough. Too much thought, too much concern, often make the original smooth things out of order. In terms of love, these two days will have the opposite sex to take the initiative to contact you, you are also very interested in the relationship, for love and simply love the possibility of greater. Dreams related to seeing a kid as a child [Dream 1]. Dream of a child drowned: was thrown into the well, the family looked for many days did not find, I six or seven people in the field nothing to play, found a thick rope, two people went to pull the rope, pulled out of the well a dead child, I did not dare to look, I ran desperately desperately then I saw many people running to the dead child, I also ran to which then was dropped dead [Dreamland 2 Dreaming of a woman carrying a child: I dreamed that the woman I liked was carrying a child on her back, not far away and said she wanted to marry a man named Ma. I chased her on a motorcycle, but she sat in a car driven by a man who wouldn't let me catch up, and then the man drove on the bucket, and I thought I couldn't get on, but after I didn't I tipped over in a mud pond. [Dreamland 3 I dreamed that I found a dead child in the bedside table: I dreamed that I was sleeping in a bed with three colleagues and the next day it was almost dawn when my phone kept ringing. [Dream 4]. Dream of children chasing me: similar to Lin Zhengying zombie film, in a spacious leaky field, put there are several simple coffins, similar to the construction site nail simple toolbox, these boxes are put in the death of people of different times, there are adults and children, the time of death are different, so the effect looks different, in the first one there is a just dead child woke up, I cover, she has a sister did not die, on the side of the crowd, it seems to be about eating candy, she also wanted to eat, and then came out and ate, and after that it was like crazy to keep chasing me, the more aggressive chase, simply can not stop [Dream 5]. dream of water and children fighting: dream of a child in the faucet where to catch water, I suspected that he was slow I was also very angry, I said you will catch water I first, I lowered my head to catch water, there is a larger child in front of the hose he hit me on the back of the head, the result I fought with him, fighting I had a nosebleed, it seems that I also played dead [Dreamland 6 dream of killing children: dreamed that I was not yet an adult, and a boy in my home killed many children, the rest have a few little girls, reported out of the window, this time the mother came back, as if to see, but afraid that we are in the go to kill people told us to play together, then I took a belt from a man's body, said that the significance of that to me very memorable, I drew down, tied to their own body turned around and the boy and I will run away between the fields, towards the forest, because the police will soon arrive, to the forest that boy kissed my neck, I was afraid of him, and then continue to run to the next primitive forest "