Dreaming that my friend gave birth to a son

What does it mean to dream that my friend gave birth to a son? Do you dream that your friend gave birth to a son? Dreaming that a friend gave birth to a son has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming about your son usually indicates worry about your child. To dream that you have a son is a good omen that your heart will be fulfilled and your fortune will be more prosperous. A pregnant person dreaming that a friend gave birth to a son foretells the birth of a boy. In autumn, it means the birth of a daughter. Entrepreneurs dreamed that a friend gave birth to a son, representing over just hindered the cause of wealth and profit, should be more introspection, get people and for the important. (Financial luck): People who are preparing for exams dream that their friend gave birth to a son, it means that they can expect to be admitted, and they should put more effort in arts. Psychological advice for dreaming that a friend gave birth to a son Your enthusiasm for work/school has dropped so much that you just want to take a break and think about things quietly. If you have a new job/school assignment, don't push yourself too hard, politely find an excuse to put it off! Emotionally, you pay more attention to your own feelings, communication problems, have you thought about finding a middleman to help you convey your feelings? Dreams related to a friend giving birth to a son [Dream 1]. dream I had a son: because the next day was my birthday, driving to buy mutton, and then a friend, let me eat at his house, I did not think much about sitting down to eat, that is we thought of receiving a phone call, I all say so, my son was a golden snake was, I drove very quickly home on the road also saw an old man, desperately to me to play that snake bite antidote said to save my life, all the way back to my house I saw my son nothing happened to blush a little, the old man said this medicine is useless with other, I do not understand what this dream means, I have a daughter no son ah [Dreamland 2 Dream of my son: my son is eight years old, last night dreamed that he was engaged, his girlfriend also brought a little boy, and heard others say that the child is not her ex-husband's, is her ex-husband's second brother's, her second brother is particularly rich, I saw the stone Buddha in her second brother's house to show the true Buddha's face, suddenly it seems that something bad broke in, I recited the Buddha's name, and then I thought to myself that this daughter-in-law can not want, and then I woke up. [Dreamland 3 dreamed of driving my father and sister-in-law and her son to go swimming: driving my father's Cadillac srx, for some reason, I drove especially fast, like racing, and my father and sister-in-law did not speak, the car space is very large, but I always feel very crowded sitting up, always looking for a pool, because my sister-in-law's son wanted to swim, and then found a pool that I had never been to, not too many people, so I swam there, in through the men's locker room the doorway inside to see a woman standing by the wall playing with her phone [Dream 4]. I dreamed my son was swallowed by a snake: I dreamed my son was swallowed by a snake, I immediately used a long fishing fork on the snake's head, and finally the snake died, at first others could not find my son in the snake's body, then I found my son from the snake's mouth, my son turned into a small monster like a fish that swims and talks [Dream 5]. dream to ask my son to see his father happy: dream to see my son, to take my son out to play, ask my son to see his father happy, my son said happy, said that you call on my father and mother together to take you to play, and said a thousand years of chicken, hair are stripped, or vitality, silly nephew, in the bath, wash well also not silly [Dreamland 6 Dreamed of jumping into the river with my son being chased: dreamed of playing with my son in the water, to be robbed, and being chased, I ran and ran with my son, and there were people on the road to help to the criminals hindered, and then could not run fast enough to choose to jump into the river, and the criminals chased across the river, I took my son swimming, the river was so wide, and finally saw my father who had passed away and a hometown old man rowing wood across the river I also sat on the river "