Dreaming that my son is back

What does it mean to dream that my son is back? How about dreaming that your son is back? Dreaming that my son came back has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the dreamer's subjective imagination. A pregnant person dreaming of her son's return, foretells the birth of a daughter. In the first and second months of the year, you will have a male child, but be careful against collisions. People who start a business dream that their son comes back, represents business is not smooth and stop down, it is appropriate to retreat. People who are talking about marriage dreamed that their son came back, indicating that frank and sincere treatment, mutual trust, marriage can be achieved. Interpretation of dream that my son came back Dreaming about your son usually indicates concern for your child. Those who are preparing for exams dream that their son comes back, it means that the poor performance in the oral exam or the retest affects the admission. People who plan to go out dreamed that their son came back, it is recommended that they can go out smoothly, be careful against fire. Psychological advice for dreaming that your son is back It's a good time to expand your life circle and build new relationships. Single people will feel especially lonely and are looking forward to love. Discuss plans for joint ventures with friends. It is important to handle the details of the cooperation case properly. Dreams related to the return of my son [Dream 1]. Dream to see the dead husband resurrected chase my son: dream to go to see, to someone else's home is giving me to the dead husband hair mulberry I went up with my son to drop mourning, I was crying, the husband moved to open his eyes and live up to chase me and my son, scared we both ran, he ran to my son, scared me [Dreamland 2 I dreamed that my son took a photo of his dead classmate: I dreamed that my body was not very good either and my husband quarreled, three elder relatives just came to sit at home, my son came back from a trip out of town, with his hand splintered under the clip of a person who died with a black cloth wrapped around the edge of the photo like, placed on my son's own bedroom table, saying that his classmate had no parents, and before his classmate died he promised his classmate to take it back to his own home, I was very angry as a parent, saying how he did not come to decide on his own the amount of plant to plant. This dream is so bad [Dreamland 3 I dreamed of getting a haircut and recognizing my godson: January 20, 2009: I dreamed I got a haircut and dyed my hair, I didn't want to dye my hair, the barber actually wanted to beat me, I ran out, although I knew there were many men who wanted to beat me, at that moment, a boy helped me, helped me to his house and gave me something to eat. I asked him what his name was, didn't tell me, only said his birthday was in February '72, 10 months older than Yingjie, I recognized him as my son, he agreed. And sent me home, the dream woke up. [Dream 4]. I dreamed of having a beautiful son: yesterday I dreamed that I was stillborn and miscarried every time I got pregnant, finally a child was pregnant and so to be produced when there is no movement, on the bed playing cards, playing to later a little feeling and not afraid to give birth to a child, the child's head came out, eyes very big and beautiful is a boy just born out others did not hold the right just said too beautiful on the ground, the child useless! I'm thinking good pity, I like my son and so beautiful, why every time will be so, so painful so hard so horrible 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 [Dream 5]. I dreamt of beating my son: I slept late at night, just fell asleep and dreamt that my son, who is usually naughty, was playing with water in the gutter, told him not to listen, casually a thin tree technique to spank him, he ran all the way, I chased all the way, but the angry thing is, he still ran around from the water, the branch broke, took a broomstick branch, renewed the fee to spank him, my mother advised me, and woke up! [Dreamland 6 Dream of my son: last night dreamed that I was playing with a friend, leading my son, and then went away to stand and talk to my friend, my son was next to me, a did not pay attention to the turn of the eye could not find my son, and then with my friend to find, and then listened to others, my son in the hospital, resuscitation, I came to the hospital to find not in, said in another hospital, I rushed out to play cab, how can not hit the car, anxious I woke up, only then found it was a dream. "