Dreaming that the lights at home are not on

What does it mean to dream that the lights at home are not on? How about dreaming that the lights at home are not on? Dreaming that the lights at home are not on has realistic implications and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of home, career and business will take a turn for the better. Dreaming of a lamp, which represents your life already has a direction, a goal, but also indicates that the future has a bright meaning, and if you are a person with little self-confidence, this light will also bring you a lot of motivation. People who plan to go out dream that the lights at home are not on anymore, it is recommended to choose another date before going out. People who are preparing for exams dream that the lights in their homes do not light up, it means that they fail to achieve the desired grade and cannot be admitted. A person who starts a business dreams that the lights in his house do not turn on, representing a slight obstacle in the midst of good fortune. People who are talking about marriage dream that the lights at home are not on anymore, indicating that both parents agree to extend the marriage. A pregnant person dreaming that the lights in the house are not on, foretells the birth of a boy, and a girl in summer. Pregnant women should not lift high to raise. Psychological advice for dreaming that the lights in your house are not on You may be inspired to engage in creative work during these two days and can work well during this time. For investors, judgment will become unclear at this time, and it is best to avoid making major decisions about your career or future at this time. Speculative investments are also not advisable, and if you must invest, don't invest too much money. Dreams related to the dream that the lights in the house are not on [Dream 1]. Dream of home road flooding: home road flooding but others are passing, I went over and found a large water-absorbing puddle, I thought there is a long bamboo pole would be good, in case of falling bamboo pole can also hang me, I did not know to home, my uncle to leave (usually long stay at my home), leaving me alone, I was a little afraid of the dream, I asked my uncle not to take the road flooding, he said it does not matter, so the dream woke up. [Dreamland 2 I dreamed that I saw a new grave outside my home: I dreamed that I was holding my baby, my family is a boy, and I just walked out of my home with my friend, who was also holding her daughter, and I saw a new grave and other old graves, and I dreamed that the new grave was my friend's home with me, and she said "I don't care about burning paper"! What is the meaning of this? [Dreamland 3 dreamed that the water rushed home we live by boat: dreamed that the plane fell on the tree again, it would explode, then we escaped, then the plane blew up the bus, the water rushed out, we escaped in swimming, escaped to my hometown, we had the state rescue boat, then the boat almost also turned over, the earth turned over, then we went ashore and found the hedgehog, found two who did not know whether they were wolves or dogs [Dream 4]. I dreamed that my mother's house was blown down by the wind: Last night I dreamed that I was standing on the flat roof of my mother's new house with another person, who I don't remember, and we saw a fire on the opposite side of the hill, and suddenly the wind blew the half of the house we were standing on down, but no one was hurt. What does this mean, please? [Dream 5]. I dreamed that someone died in my family: I dreamed that someone died in my family, my grandfather came to help with the puja, I was also kowtowing and helping to burn paper money. Later, my classmate came to my home, but also asked me to drive her to her place of residence, we said first to go shopping, buy something, go to the time to meet my sister and brother-in-law, brother-in-law drove into something on the side of the road, crashed the car, but also stuck me in, the shoulder received a little injury, I also said the shoulder joint dislocated, later, my classmate and I went to buy something, but went to the time that home is not open, said back, on the road, I said to buy a little meat back, went to the place where the meat was sold, it was across the toilet, the meat was full of flies, I said no, to other homes to see. [Dreamland 6 dreamed that my neighbor's son was murdered: dreamed that my neighbor's son was murdered, his head was cut off, the parents were crying and mourning in the street, suddenly found that the body was not their child's body, gave the body to the police, went home to find their child's body, I also followed, did not find, came home, my brother and I were at home to discuss this murder, suddenly someone knocked on the door, I said you open the door to see who it is, but he did not open the door after being punched a punch, fell down, got up and said, who fought with who? Then ran out with the one who knocked on the door. "